MIRACLE quicklook data

MIRACLE consists of the IMAGE magnetometer network, STARE radar, and FMI digital all-sky cameras. The two-dimensional network has been fully operational since 1998. Recording periods of the various instruments can be checked using the data availability charts:

The quicklook data are shown as stack plots including (from top to bottom) the local AE index, IMAGE Bx magnetograms, all-sky camera keograms together with provisional electrojet boundaries, a STARE RTI plot, and color plots showing the north and east components of the electron velocity (if data from the both radars are available, otherwise line-of-sight velocity one radar is presented). For more information, see a sample plot. These plots have been preprocessed and thus are immediately available. They show the data either from 1800 UT to 0600 UT or from 0600 to 1800 UT.

If you want QL-plots for shorter time periods or in postscript format, please, contact Kirsti Kauristie

Sorry, no QL-plots. We have to re-generate them after a recent server chrash.

If you want to select the time period or composition of the plots freely, please, contact Kirsti Kauristie

MIRACLE rules of road

You can browse also separately the magnetograms of IMAGE, RTI-plots of STARE or keograms of FMI/GEO all-sky cameras.

More information: Kirsti Kauristie, tel. 358 9 1929 4637