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Request form for monthly data


You are are assumed to accept that:

1. Data may be freely used for scientific purposes. Users are assumed to be familiar with the IMAGE rules of the road and with the description of the data accuracy.

2. No liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from any errors or inaccuracy in the information that this service provides.

3. We maintain a log file which contains information of the data requested, your name, institute and email address, and the name or IP number of the computer from which you have logged in. This information is similar to what you would give when asking data by email.

4. The provider of this service has an unlimited right to make changes or even cease this service.

Instructions for filling the request form

NOTE:If you only need magnetogram plots you can use the anonymous request form

If you cannot access the request form, or have any other questions concerning data, please contact Lasse Häkkinen and/or Ari Viljanen.

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