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Space Projects at FMI since 1986

  • ASPERA and LIMA-D on Phobos satellites (launched 1988)

DPU and software for plasma instruments, Software and data analysis support for German Laser experiments (LIMA-D)

  • Swedish plasma instrument satellites FREJA (1992) and ASTRID (1995)

DPU and software


  • SWAN on ESA satellite SOHO (launched 1995, operational)

Interface, software, ground segment and operations

  • ASPERA-C, Pressure sensor on Russian Mars-96 (1996, failed)

DPU, software, pressure sensor, Lander software and integration management

  • PROMICS-3  on Russian INTERBALL-1 and -2 (launched 1995 and 96)


CASSINI / Huygens
  • PPI on ESA Huygens / NASA CASSINI (launched 1997)

Pressure sensors and their operation

  • MVACS-P pressure sensor on NASAs Mars Polar Lander (launched 1997, failed during landing)

Pressure sensors for meteorological instrument MVACS and gas chromatograph TEGA

  • CIDA on NASAs STARDUST (launched 1999), comet Wild 2 and Tempel 1

Mass spectrometer software, operation and data analysis

  • CIDA on NASAs CONTOUR (launched 2002, failed), comet Encke

Mass spectrometer software, operation

Mass spectrometer design, operations, ground segment, data quality monitoring


PI-instrument: design, software, ground segment, operations, data analysis

  • ASPERA-3 on ESAs Mars Express (launched 2003, operat.)

DPU and software for plasma instrument

  • Pressure sensor on Beagle 2 / MarsExpress (launched 2003, failed during landing)

Pressure sensor

Design, management, ground ssegment, operations, data analysis


Orbiter instruments: LAP, ICA plasma instruments: DPU, MIP: ground segment, COSIMA mass spectrometer: software, oeprations, ground segment, data analysis

Lander instruments: Permittivity probe (PI-instrument) design, software, ground segment, operations, data analysis; DPU-mass memory

  • ASPERA-4 on ESAs Venus Express (launched 2005, operational)

DPU and software for plasma instrument

Pressure sensor, operation, data analysis

Mars Science Laboratory

Pressure and humidity sensors

Pressure and humidity sensors

Management, ground segment, instrument interface FPGAs

  • LINA on Russian Lunar Glob Lander (to be launched 2017)


  • Mars MetNet Precursor Finland/Russia/Spain (to be launched ~2018)

Main responsibility and management, system design, pressure and humidity sensor, operation

  • Electric Sail, patented space propulsion system demonstrators under development

A test version was launched on the Estonian CubeSat ESTCube-1 on 7 May 2013.

  • Particle Environment Package (PEP) on the ESA satellite Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE), to be launched 2022 from Kourou arriving at Jupiter in 2030

Double-DPU for extreme radiation environment