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SWAN Space Weather Interpretation

SOHO/SWAN Space Weather prediction March 15 - April 02, 2013

The animation shows 16 days of solar UV images. UV radiation moving directly towards Earth is marked by the cross in circle in the center of the right image. Depending on the solar wind speed it might take 1 to 3 days until the related protons will hit the Earth Magnetosphere and ionosphere and potentially cause problems to infrastructure elements. Each dotted longitude line corresponds to 30 degrees of the Sun rotation or roughly 2.25 days. As there might be data production gaps causing the missing of a day please observe the actual dates at the top of each image.

The high intensity seen in the first images of the far-side picture on the left corresponds to the high kp-values in the beginning of March. The last shown image for April 2 shows the same intensity peak in the right image approaching the direction towards Earth. But as the intensified area is splitting up towards northern and southern hemispheres at the end of March, Earth was hit only with a a small reminder of the intensive space weather situation of 27 days earlier. And in fact there  was a strong kp peak in the early morning hours of April 4 associated with active auroras in Northern Lapland. But the following hours and days remained quiet.

For own forecast purposes please load down the most recent available 3 or 4 GIF-images from the leftmost column of the SWAN data server and follow the guidelines outlined above.