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Year 2016
Dec 16 Dust devils on Mars
Henrik Kahanpää, FMI
Nov 25 Direct space-based observations of anthropogenic CO2 emission areas from OCO-2
Janne Hakkarainen, FMI
Nov 11 Seasonal Variation of Thermospheric Mass Density
Timothy Kodikara, RMIT Univ., Australia
Nov 1 Global MHD modeling of the Earth magnetosphere
Andrey Samsonov, St. Petersburg Univ.
Oct 21 A semi-empirical thermospheric model tuned for geomagnetically active conditions
Juho Iipponen, FMI
Oct 7 HiperSfera - a Lighter-Than-Air MALE UAS industrial platform
Bojan Pečnik, HiperSfera CEO
Sep 29 Kontti (0PA06c) Interaction of magnetic clouds with the Earth's bow shock and magnetosheath
Lucile Turc, ESA
May 27 Atmospheric ion escape at Mars: Lessons from Mars Express and MAVEN missions and a global hybrid simulation
Riku Järvinen, FMI
May 20 The MHD kink mode and angular momentum transfer: Saturn, Solar and Astrophysical applications
David Southwood, Imperial College London
May 19 Estimating the mode number of magnetospheric ULF waves and their effect in the radial diffusion of energetic particle populations
Theodoros Sarris, Democritus Univ. of Thrace
Apr 29 ESA Living Planet Fellowship ILMA: Applications of Satellite Observations of Tropospheric NO2 at hIgh Latitudes for Monitoring Air Quality in Preparation for S5P/TROPOMI Data Exploitation
Iolanda Ialongo, FMI
Mar 18 Brief history of GIC research at FMI
Risto Pirjola, FMI
Mar 18 US power grid responses to extreme solar events
Antti Pulkkinen, NASA

Year 2015
Nov 20 Cutting-edge upper atmosphere modeling using the NCAR Thermosphere Ionosphere Electrodynamics General Circulation Model (TIE-GCM)
Juho Iipponen, FMI
Nov 13 Solar wind - magnetosphere coupling efficiency during ejecta and sheath region driven geomagnetic storms
Minna Myllys, Univ. of Helsinki
Sep 11 Satellite CO2 measurements: example lessons, limitations and possibilities
Hannakaisa Lindqvist, FMI
May 29 Uintah grid framework
Otto Hannuksela, FMI
May 8 Special Rosetta Colloquium
Gerhard Schwehm, ESA
Apr 30 Introduction to Space Medicine
Bergita Ganse, Department of Orthopaedic Trauma, RWTH Aachen Univ. Hospital
Apr 10 Realtime satellite and space weather data for online use
Ilkka Sillanpää, FMI
Mar 27 Tragedy of our planetary sister: Lessons from Venus Express
Riku Järvinen, FMI
Mar 20 Seminar
Yoshimasa Tanaka, National Institute of Polar Research
Feb 26
The challenges and problems in measuring energetic electron precipitation into the atmosphere
Mark A. Clilverd, British Antarctic Survey/NERC, Cambridge, UK
Jan 23 Polar Magnetospheric Substorms 2014 Arctic Adventure
Pyry Peitso, FMI

Year 2014
Dec 5 Mirror mode waves in Vlasiator
Sanni Hoilijoki, FMI
Nov 28 ESTCube-1 bus: in-orbit experience and lessons learned
Andris Slavinskis, Tartu Observatory
Nov 21 Solar proton events and sudden stratospheric warmings: effects on the Earth's middle atmosphere
Sanna-Mari Päivärinta, FMI
Nov 14 E-sail tether in small satellites: current status and lessons learned from ESTCube-1 and Aalto-1 missions
Jouni Envall, FMI
Nov 7 Fine Structures in Coronal Mass Ejections-Driven Sheath Regions
Erika Palmerio, Univ. of Helsinki
Oct 31 Best pick up places in the inner solar system
Riku Järvinen, FMI
Oct 24 Ion-neutral Collisions and Their Effect in Titan's Plasma Interaction
Ilkka Sillanpää, FMI
Sep 12 First results from real-time validation of GUMICS-5
Ilja Honkonen, FMI
Sep 5 A generic method for accessing simulation data from within arbitrarily nested containers
Ilja Honkonen, FMI
Aug 29 Murphy's Law – 4 case studies
G. W. Leppelmeier, FMI
Aug 15 Space weather from out of the Sun-Earth Line: The experience from STEREO
Richard Harrison, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
Aug 13 Transient ion foreshock phenomena and their impacts on Earth's magnetosphere
Drew Turner, UCLA
May 23 Workflows for Propagation Models in Heliophysics
Gabriele Pierantoni, Trinity College Dublin
May 9 Particle Acceleration at Shocks: Role of Kinetic-Scale Structures
Urs Ganse, Univ. of Helsinki
May 8 Interplanetary shock database
Shabnam Nikbakhsh, Univ. of Helsinki
Apr 29 Solar wind charge exchange in the Earth's exosphere: current observations and future plans for imaging the magnetosheath
Jenny Carter, Univ. of Leicester
Mar 11 Space weather forecast and extreme space weather
Ryuho Kataoka, National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo
Feb 28 ULF and Pc5 fluctuations during solar cycle 23
Reko Hynönen, FMI
Feb 21 ICME-driven sheath regions and their effects on the radiation belts
Heli Hietala, Imperial College London
Feb 14 Data-analysis and visualisation tool for the international Rosetta mission
Touko Haunia, FMI
Jan 31 One year of global Vlasiator simulations on a petascale supercomputer
Vlasiator team, FMI

Year 2013
Nov 8 On the implementation of GUMICS-5
Ilja Honkonen, FMI
Nov 1 Geomagnetically induced currents in Norwegian power grid
Minna Myllys, Univ. of Helsinki and FMI
Oct 18 Tailward leap of magnetic reconnection
Aki Ieda, Nagoya Univ.
Oct 11 Lunar magnetic anomalies and their interaction with the solar wind
Markku Alho, FMI
Oct 3 Electron acceleration in the solar atmosphere
Jörg Büchner, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
Sep 27 Experiences from the first two months of real-time space weather forecasts based on first principles
Ilja Honkonen, FMI
Sep 13 Work as a data visualizer
Otto Hannuksela, FMI
Aug 21 Challenges in Downscaling Climate Change Projections
Douglas Maraun, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
May 24 Feelings from ESTCube-1 launch
Jouni Envall, FMI
May 17 Application of laser remote sensing to snow cover monitoring
Sanna Kaasalainen, Finnish Geodetic Institute
Apr 26 Global hybrid modelling of solar energetic particles in the plasma environments of Mars and Venus
Markku Alho, FMI
Apr 19 Alfvénic fluctuations in the solar wind
Kristian Snekvik, Univ. of Helsinki
Apr 15 Diurnal variation of atmospheric composition observed by Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (SMILES)
Yasuko Kasai, Tokyo Inst. Technology
Apr 5 Sunspots: the big, the bad and the ugly. A Citizen science project.
David Pérez-Suárez, FMI
Mar 18 Space weather and what NASA is doing about it
Antti Pulkkinen, Catholic Univ. America
Mar 11 Magnetic reconnection in solar system plasmas
Alessandro Retinò, Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas
Mar 8 Optical auroral tomography with ALIS and EISCAT - from the ionosphere to the magnetospheric generator
Cyril Simon Wedlund, FMI
Feb 13 Using ensemble regressions to predict future climate: an application to projections of Antarctic ozone hole recovery
Alexey Karpechko, FMI
Feb 8 Vlasiator: First global simulation results on Hermit
Vlasiator team, FMI
Feb 1 Shock-shock collision: combined particle, field, and wave observations
Heli Hietala, Imperial College London
Jan 11 Auroral oval recognition using snake algorithm
Pyry Peitso, FMI

Year 2012
Dec 14 Light scattering by micron-sized particles: From comets to terrestrial applications
Evgenij Zubko, Univ. of Helsinki
Nov 30 Electric sail and plasma brake for efficient interplanetary propulsion and satellite deorbiting
Pekka Janhunen, FMI
Nov 30 TBA
Saleh Ahmed, UK Space Agency
Nov 23 Changes in the albedo of Arctic sea ice, 1982-2009
Aku Riihelä, FMI
Nov 9 Challenges in modeling large-scale dynamics in the solar corona and inner heliosphere: an introduction
Jens Pomoell, Univ. of Helsinki
Nov 2 Interpreting solar EUV observations from different viewing angles using an MHD model
Sanni Hoilijoki, FMI
Oct 19 Space physics codes at the Finnish Meteorological Institute
Ilja Honkonen, FMI
Sep 20 The Radiation Belt Storm Probes: Objectives and Design
David Sibeck, NASA/GSFC
Sep 14 HYB-s: A spherical hybrid model for planetary plasma interactions
Sergey Dyadechkin, FMI
Sep 11 On the modelling of planetary upper atmospheres: kinetic transport of electrons, airglow and auroral emissions
Cyril Simon Wedlund, Belgian Inst. for Space Aeronomy
Sep 7 Curiosity has landed: Feelings from JPL and the current mission status
FMI Mars Science Laboratory team
Aug 17 Explosions from the Sun: How do energetic particles affect the Earth's polar atmosphere?
Craig Rodger, Univ. of Otago
Jun 13 COLLOQUIUM: Influence of the particles from the Sun on the atmospheres of the Earth and terrestrial planets
Annika Seppälä and Riku Järvinen, FMI
May 25 Numerical and physical validation of Vlasiator
Yann Kempf, FMI
Apr 20 Ionospheric tomography with statistical inversion methods
Johannes Norberg, FMI
Apr 13 The Influence of Vegetation on Snowmelt and Surface Albedo
Juval Cohen, FMI
30 Mar How to find the peak emission height of the aurora
Daniel Whiter, FMI
23 Mar On the coupling between the forecast of the auroral index and the impulsive electric field model in the Earth's inner magnetosphere
Olga Amariutei, FMI
16 Mar An approximation to the motion of charged particles in local magnetic fields
María Ramírez-Nicolás, Complutense Univ. of Madrid
9 Mar Solar particle forcing and effects on the atmosphere: Are there connections to polar climate variability?
Annika Seppälä, FMI
2 Mar Viking Landers died 30 years ago - why are we still working on them?
Osku Kemppinen, FMI
7 Feb TEC measurements with LOFAR
Ilse van Bemmel, Netherlands Inst. for Radio Astronomy
16 Jan Kinetic Simulations of Solar Type II Radio Burst Emission
Urs Ganse, Univ. of Würzburg

Year 2011
Dec 2 Electric Sail Navigation and Control
Petri Toivanen, FMI
Nov 4 Numerical galaxy formation
Peter Johansson, Univ. of Helsinki
Oct 28 Suprathermal electron depletion at 90 degree pitch angle within a magnetic cloud
Katerina Andreeova, Univ. of Helsinki
Oct 21 Emission of cyclotron radiation by interstellar planets
Heikki Vanhamäki, FMI
Oct 14 Shortwave broadband black-sky surface albedo estimation for Arctic sea ice using passive microwave radiometer data
Terhikki Manninen, FMI
Oct 7 Evolution of magnetic clouds from the Sun (5-20 Rs) to 1 AU
Alexey Isavnin, Univ. of Helsinki
Sep 30 Current status of Aalto-1
Maria Komu, FMI
Sep 23 Practical C++ template programming
Ilja Honkonen, FMI
Sep 16 Thermal modelling of the Martian subsurface, balloons and food
Mark Paton, FMI
Sep 9 Solar Energetic Particles – Results from the 32nd International Cosmic Ray Conference
Rami Vainio, Univ. of Helsinki
Sep 7 Modelling the atmospheric entry of meteoroids – a process bringing fragments of cosmic bodies onto Earth
Maria Gritsevich, Univ. of Helsinki
Sep 1 An insurance perspective on threats from hazardous solar storms and geomagnetic storms
Jan Eichner, Munich RE
Aug 26 The Mars Phoenix MET Pressure Sensor – Data Quality and Science Results
Henrik Kahanpää, FMI
Aug 8 Hybrid Fourier-Vlasov simulations
Illia Silin, Univ. of Alberta
May 20 The Effect of Thermal Instability on the Galactic Dynamo
Elizabeth Cole, Univ. of Helsinki
May 13 Alternatives to MATLAB?
Ilja Honkonen, FMI
May 6 Parameters that control a burst bulk flow penetration into the inner magnetosphere
Stepan Dubyagin, FMI
Apr 15 How to find out what's the space weather like in the Solar System?
Alexey Vlasov, FMI
Apr 12 Space Weather Colloquium
Apr 1 Titan's Plasma Interaction: Observations and Simulations
Ilkka Sillanpää, Southwest Research Institute
Mar 25 Determination of Pathways in Chemical Reaction Systems: An Algorithm and its Application to Atmospheric Chemistry
Ralph Lehmann, Alfred Wegener Institute
Mar 18 From the solar to stellar dynamos - observational and computational challenges
Maarit Mantere, Univ. of Helsinki
Mar 14
ESA/Space Situational Awareness program
Juha-Pekka Luntama, ESA
Mar 11 Greenland magnetometer chain: operations and science
Claudia Stolle, Technical Univ. of Denmark
Mar 4 New tools and techniques for data analysis: from space weather to space climate
Eija Tanskanen, FMI
Feb 11 Growth phase signatures in the plasma sheet before magnetotail reconnection
Kristian Snekvik, FMI
Feb 4 How to co-operate between Research and Weather and Safety Center?
Juhana Hyrkkänen, FMI
Jan 28 Taking into account vegetation in Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) for atmospheric trace gas analysis
Ellen Eigemeier, Univ. of Helsinki
Jan 21 The MapReduce cloud computing framework and its use for genome data preprocessing
Keijo Heljanko, Aalto Univ.

Year 2010
Dec 10 Training marines for fun and profit
Ilja Honkonen, FMI
Dec 3 Correlation Functions of Small-Scale Fluctuations of the IMF
Gábor Facskó, FMI
Nov 26 Changes in chemical composition of the middle atmosphere caused by sudden stratospheric warmings
Niilo Kalakoski, FMI
Nov 19 Bayesian techniques for ECHAM5 closure parameter estimation
Antti Solonen, FMI
Nov 12 Some aspects of transport in strongly magnetized fusion plasmas
Salomon Janhunen, Aalto Univ.
Nov 5 Kasvihuoneilmiö ja ilmaston mallittaminen
Kimmo Ruosteenoja, FMI
Oct 29 Rosetta on its way to comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko - 6 years of flying, 4 to go
Walter Schmidt, FMI
Oct 15 Aalto-1 — the first Finnish student nanosatellite
Jaan Praks, Aalto Univ.
Oct 8 Remote sensing of snow covered area and soil frost using microwave radar
Tuomo Smolander, FMI
Oct 1 Subsurface thermal modelling on asteroids, comets and Mars
Mark Paton, FMI
Sep 24 Ionospheric response to geomagnetic storms revealed by GPS tomography and other techniques
Dimitry Pokhotelov, FMI
Sep 17 3D Ionospheric tomography using dense GPS network
Max Van de Kamp, FMI
Sep 3 Approach to a self-consistent description of the Cowling channel
Akimasa Yoshikawa, Kyushu Univ.
Sep 1 Statistical, spatial-temporal and nonlinear study of hot flow anomalies
Gábor Facskó, LPCE/CNRS
Aug 27 Ionospheric electrodynamics at the auroral zone (with spherical elementary systems)
Heikki Vanhamäki, FMI
Aug 20 Introduction to the magnetosphere-ionosphere coupled current system in a spatiotemporal domain
Akimasa Yoshikawa, Kyushu Univ.
Aug 13 The Cowling effect in the auroral zone: An introduction and a statistical investigation of its efficiency
Olaf Amm, FMI
Aug 5
Solar Shield - Forecasting and Mitigating Solar Effects on the North American Power Transmissions System
Antti Pulkkinen, GSFC/NASA
Aug 6 Feelings from Greenland
Panu Lahtinen, FMI
Jun 18
Magnetopause Energy Transfer: Techniques, Statistics and Comparison to Global MHD Simulation
Anekallu Chandrasekhar, FMI
Jun 11
Numerical simulations on particle propagation in Hermean magnetosphere
Timothy Kodikara, Univ. of Helsinki
May 28
Four years of science operations with Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO): experiences and lessons learned
Tero Siili, FMI
Apr 29
Magnetospheric feedback in global energy transfer
Minna Palmroth, FMI
Apr 23
Influence of ozone recovery and greenhouse gas increases on Southern Hemisphere circulation
Alexey Karpechko, FMI
Mar 26
Observations of field aligned currents in the magnetotail
Kristian Snekvik, FMI
Mar 19
Solar UV radiation, total ozone and aerosol monitoring by means of satellite and ground-based instruments at Rome station
Iolanda Ialongo, FMI
Mar 5
Emerging processor technologies in scientific computing
Pekka Manninen, CSC
Feb 19
Update to the Solar Cycle 23 Minimum
Emilia Kilpua, Univ. of Helsinki
Jan 29
Current status of the electric sail
Pekka Janhunen, FMI
Jan 15
Maailman pohjoisimmat yläsalamahavainnot Itämerellä 9.10.2009
Antti Mäkelä, FMI

Year 2009
Dec 11
Multi wavelength aerosol lidar
Benjamin Herman, FMI
Dec 4
Determination of cross-polar cap potential sources utilizing global MHD models
Evgeniy Gordeev, St. Petersburg State Univ.
Nov 27
Turbulent astrophysical dynamos
Petri Käpylä, Univ. of Helsinki
Nov 20
Case Streaming systems applied for LOIS & other cases
Lars Daldorff, FMI
Nov 13
Turbulent passive advection: intermittence, shapes and martingales
Paolo Muratore-Ginanneschi, Univ. of Helsinki
Nov 6
Galactic Newsflash! - What's going on at the outer rim of the Solar System?
Riku Järvinen, FMI
Oct 30
Using satellite measurements of stellar scintillation for mapping internal gravity waves and turbulence in the stratosphere
Viktoria Sofieva, FMI
Oct 23
The multi-radar observations of geomagnetic Pc5 pulsations
Alexey Vlasov, FMI
Oct 19
Space Weather investigations in the Polar Geophysical Institute, Russia
Yaroslav Sakharov, Polar Geophysical Inst.
Oct 16
Solar wind turbulence
Heli Hietala, Univ. of Helsinki
Oct 9
Experiences at the ISU Space Studies Program 2009 at NASA Ames
Aku Riihelä, FMI
Oct 7
On turbulence and its importance in the atmospheric surface layer
Timo Vesala, Univ. of Helsinki
Sep 25
Plasma turbulence - Fluid and kinetic models
Felix Spanier, Univ. of Würzburg
Sep 18
IMF orientation and reformation of plasma population in the LLBL
Oksana Tkachenko, Charles Univ.
Sep 11
Distortions of the Magnetic Field by Storm-Time Current Systems in Earth's Magnetosphere
Natalia Ganushkina, FMI
Aug 31
Time-varying magnetotail magnetic flux calculation. Test of the method.
Evgeniy Gordeev, St. Petersburg State Univ.
Aug 21
Space weather modeling at Michigan
Natalia Ganushkina, FMI
Aug 14
New emCCD-based all-sky cameras lead to better imaging of the aurora
Laureline Sangalli, FMI
Aug 14
Study of Atmospheric Gravity Waves and Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances using EISCAT Svalbard Radar IPY data
Alexey Vlasov, FMI
Jun 15
EISCAT 3D: New opportunities for the research of atmosphere-geospace coupling at high-latitudes
Esa Turunen (EISCAT), Juha Vierinen (SGO), Markku Lehtinen (SGO)
Jun 12 The Phoenix Pressure Sensor: Measurement Results from Mars
Henrik Kahanpää, FMI
Jun 5
ESA's Earth Observation Programme
Jarkko Koskinen, FMI
May 18 Bayesian analysis of radial velocity exoplanet observations
Mikko Tuomi, Univ. of Helsinki
May 18 Investigation of Solar Energetic Particle Events from Atmospherical Point of View
Irina A. Mironova, St. Petersburg State Univ.
May 8 Relativistic jet driven by a rotational black hole
Sergey Dyadechkin, FMI
May 7 Cluster Active Archive: overview
Harri Laakso, ESA/ESTEC
Apr 17 How to calculate geomagnetically induced electric field on the Earth's surface
Heikki Vanhamäki, FMI
Apr 3 Helping to access the impact of particulate matter pollution using emission modelling
Kostas Markakis, Aristotle Univ. Of Thessaloniki
Mar 24 Variability of mesospheric atomic oxygen
Anne Smith, NCAR
Mar 20 Tshernobyl ja Suomi - Mitä havaittiin ja mitä opittiin
Jussi Paatero, FMI
Mar 13 Mitä HAV tarjoaa ja mitä UHA ja ARK haluavat - miten toiveet ja tarjonta kohtaavat
Asko Huuskonen, FMI
Mar 6 QuESpace icebreaker
Minna Palmroth et al., FMI
Jan 16 Salamasolut
Tapio Tuomi ja Antti Mäkelä, FMI

Year 2008
Nov 28 Spatial Decorrelation of 150 and 400 MHz Trans-Ionospheric Signals Measured at Ascension Island
Max van de Kamp, Univ. of Bath
Nov 21 The Stardust Mission
Johan Silen, FMI
Oct 24 Aurinko ja ilmasto: kuulumisia SVECSE 2008 -kokouksesta
Tiera Laitinen, Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Oct 22 Peilimoodien vaikutus magnetopausin rekonnektioon
Tiera Laitinen, Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Oct 10 Satellite observations of the middle atmosphere
Simo Tukiainen, FMI
Oct 3 Gravity wave observations using EISCAT during International Polar Year
Alexey Vlasov, FMI
Sep 12 QuESpace - Quantifying Energy Circulation in Space Plasma
Minna Palmroth, FMI
Sep 5 The study of instabilities in solar wind and in magnetosheath and their interaction with the Earth's magnetosphere
Katerina Andreeova, FMI
May 30 Phoenix has landed - feelings and first data
Ari-Matti Harri & Jouni Polkko, FMI
May 23 How to misuse Satellite Navigation systems
Juha-Pekka Luntama, FMI
May 20 Human control of the Radiation Belts
Craig Rodger, Univ. of Otago
May 16 Analysis of December 31, 2007 Substorm Event using THEMIS and MIRACLE data
E. Ceren Kalafatoglu, Istanbul Technical Univ.
Apr 29 Modeling of the variability of outer electron radiation belt
Yuri Shpritz, UCLA
Apr 25 Ring current asymmetry during magnetic storm
Vladimir Kalegaev, Moscow State Univ.
Apr 11 High-Speed Stream Structures and the Interaction with the Magnetosphere
Gisela Baumann, FMI
Mar 14 RATU-projektin haasteita ja tuloksia: Rankkasateiden esiintymistodennäköisyyksien laskeminen 100 miljardin säätutkamittauksen avulla
Jarmo Koistinen, FMI
Feb 29 Adaptiivisia MCMC menetelmiä ja geofysikaalisia sovelluksia
Marko Laine, FMI
Feb 15 BepiColombo SIXS - Suuntana Merkurius
Mikko Syrjäsuo, FMI
Feb 8 Ilmaista ilmastotietoa kaikille: Climate-SAF
Aku Riihelä, FMI
Feb 1 The THEMIS mission and first results
Harald Frey, UC Berkeley

Year 2007
Nov 28 Quantifying internal gravity waves and turbulence in the stratosphere using stellar scintillation measurements
Viktoria Sofieva, FMI
Nov 16 Ilmastonmuutoksen yhteiskunnalliset vaikutukset
Juha Karhu, FMI
Oct 29 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as atmospheric instrument platform
William Rieken, Nara Inst. of Science and Technology
Oct 19 Satelliittilumituotteiden vertailua numeeristen mallien lumianalyysiin
Otto Hyvärinen, FMI
Oct 12 UV Reconstruction Techniques
Anders Lindfors, FMI
Sep 27 Six years of Odin data
Donal Murtagh, Chalmers Univ. of Technology
Sep 21 Auringonlasku ionosfäärissä, mitä siellä oikeastaan tapahtuu? Havaintoja ja mallinnusta lokakuun 1989 protonimyrskyn ajalta
Pekka Verronen, FMI
Aug 24 Study of instabilities in solar wind and in magnetosheath and their interaction with the Earth's magnetosphere
Katerina Andreeova, Charles Univ.
Aug 17 Jälki-IUGG: Clusterin havaintoja pyrstön rekonnektiosta 11.10.2001
Tiera Laitinen, FMI
Jun 29 Sharp dynamical boundaries in the inner magnetosphere. Conjugate Cluster, DMSP and Miracle observations
Sergey Apatenkov, Univ. of St.-Petersburg
Jun 16 First Results From the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO)
Emilia Huttunen, UC Berkeley
Jun 8 Hybrid Simulation Code for Planetary Plasma Interactions and modelling the Pioneer Venus Orbiter magnetic field observations
Riku Järvinen, FMI
Jun 7 The Sun, the solar wind and GIC effects in Sweden during geomagnetic superstorms
Magnus Wik, IRF
Jun 7 The Earth's magnetic field - Tool and hazard
Allan Mckay, British Geological Survey
May 11 Titan's Plasma Interaction - Views from an Advanced Hybrid Simulation Model
Ilkka Sillanpää, FMI
Mar 23 Sähköpurje - Keino liikkua aurinkokunnassa?
Pekka Janhunen, FMI
Mar 16 Some remarks on using different models for spacecraft mapping
Marina Kubyshkina, Univ. of St.-Petersburg
Mar 9 Avaruusyhteistyötä velkakonversiorahoituksella: METNET-aluksia Marsiin
Ari-Matti Harri, FMI
Feb 16 Solar wind - magnetosphere coupling efficiency: Role of solar wind dynamic pressure
Minna Palmroth, FMI
Feb 9 Conjugate auroral studies from space
Nikolai Østgaard, Univ. of Bergen
Jan 19 Magnetotail response to prolonged southward IMF Bz intervals: Geotail observations 1999 - 2002
Eija Tanskanen, FMI

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