Finnish Meteorological Institute Seminar

Earth Observation and Space Research
Seminar Abstracts (KAT/ATH)

Some abstracts of the Space and Earth Observation Seminars in reverse chronological order.

Space Laboratory Overview and Current Activities

Maria Hieta (Planeettatutkimus ja avaruusteknologia)

In this talk I will present the space laboratory (located in the P-floor) and give an overview of the current and past missions that we are involved. The history of the FMI's space instrumentation starts already from the 1980's and FMI has been involved in more than 40 space instruments. In recent years we have manufactured, calibrated and delivered atmospheric instruments for different Mars rovers and landers, and about these missions I will talk in more detail. To test and calibrate these instruments we have developed our own equipment to simulate the Martian atmospheric conditions and the work is still ongoing.


Likelihood-Informed Dimension Reduction for Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Otto Lamminpää (Kasvihuonekaasut ja satelliittimenetelmät)

In this talk, we consider ground based Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR, part of TCCON network) solar absorption measurements from Sodankylä station, to invert trace gas density profiles ranging from 0 to 40 km. We use Bayesian framework with Optimal Estimation and adaptive MCMC to characterise the full posterior distribution of the solution and the related uncertainties. Using likelihood-informed subspace (LIS) dimension reduction approach, we identify the the low dimensional subspace of the parameter space that contains most of the measurement’s information, and implement computational dimension-reduced methods to solve the inverse problem in determination of atmospheric methane (CH4) density profiles. The results of inversions are validated by comparing them against direct measurements from co-located AirCore Atmospheric Sampling System balloon experiments.