Information of key word searches

When the link collections have been constructed for this server, the advanced search facilities of AltaVista have been utilized widely. Search statistics are listed in a separate file having the following format (short example):

Sept. 5, 1996
Nov. 26, 1996
"space weather"
"space weather forecast*"

The first line indicates the number of searches, and immediately below it search dates are listed. Then keywords are given (in the AltaVista advanced search syntax) with the corresponding number of found WWW links. Note that large numbers are approximate. The huge number of links also explains why we have not included all sites somehow related to space weather.

We have also studied the number of URL's available in various domains. For example, a search of "space weather" AND host: *.domainname gives some indication of the general interest.

(Besides AltaVista, we have occasionally used other search engines like HotBot, Lycos etc.)

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