Space weather servers: Europe

Longer descriptions

Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Projects on solar physics.

Solar data and forecasts of solar and geomagnetic activity.

Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf

Charge control of satellites.

Belgian institutes

SPENVIS (SPace ENVironment Information System)

Generation of spacecraft orbits and evaluation of the orbital environment for a specified mission (for registered users).

Sunspot Index Data Center (Royal Observatory of Belgium)

World Data Center-C1 for sunspot index.

TREND (Trapped Radiation Environment Model Development) (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy)


TREND-3 (Radiation Environments of Astronomy Missions and LEO Missions)

TREND-4 (Time-Dependent Radiation-Belt Space Weather Modelling)

UNIRAD (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy)

Overview of the software package developed by and for ESA for evaluation of the radiation fluences and doses expected in a spacecraft for a mission defined by given orbital characteristics.

Sample results obtained with UNIRAD.

British Geological Survey

Geomagnetism Information and Forecast Service.

Geomagnetic field values and indices.

Forecasts of the geomagnetic and solar activity.


Space Technology Research Department.

Charged particles and radiation induced discharges effects of induced electrification.

Electronic components in a space environment.

Materials in a space environment.

Danish Meteorological Institute

Solar activity and climate

Short overview of space weather studies at DMI.

Links to case studies.

Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (UK)

Spacecraft environment and protection.

DX-Listeners' Club

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

Overview and forecast based on data from Solar Terrestrial Dispatch, Space Environment Center, IPS, NASA and Lockheed Martin.



General background of the space environment.

Demo of space environment analysis tools.

Examples of radiation dose graphs (calculated by UNIRAD).

Solar and geomagnetic data downloaded daily from NOAA.

Proceedings of the ESA 1996 Symposium on Environment Modelling for Space-Based Applications

Space debris activities

Short overview of ESOC activities.

Space Systems Environment Analysis

Ulysses data archive

Data from 11 instruments.


Ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling simulations (GUMICS)

Description of the 3-D MHD model with several examples.

Effects of geomagnetic storms on pipelines and power systems

Description of geomagnetically induced currents and their research in Finland.

WWW server of SPEE.


Space weather and artificial intelligence

Introduction to space weather and artificial intelligence (AI).

Presentation of the Lund space weather AI model.

Regions of interest: solar activity -> solar wind -> magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling -> effects (space & ground); physical interpretation of AI.

Examples of predictions (of events occurred earlier - also real time AE).

Development of AI methods in spacecraft anomaly predictions (SAAPS)

Archive of SWEN (Space Weather Euro News).


Freja charging database (on SPEE server hosted by FMI/GEO).

Make More Miles On VHF

Information of solar activity, auroras and meteor scatter for VHF radio amateurs.


SOHO and TRACE instruments access


Online cosmic rays

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Yohkoh Data Archive Centre

Information of data from all the Japanese Yohkoh mission instruments.

Information and guide for using Yohkoh analysis software.

On-line images.

Observatoire de Paris

BASS 2000 (BAse Solaire Sol 2000)

Solar data archive.

Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees

BASS2000 Solar Database - Main Center

Solar data archive.

Paris-Meudon Regional Warning Center

Data and forecasts of solar and geomagnetic activity.

Paul Scherrer Institute

Radiation Environment Monitor

Recent measurements of the outer radiation belt.

Radio Nederland

Solar Guide

Guide for using geophysical alert broadcasts.

Radio Society of Great Britain

Propagation Studies Committee

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Cluster/Ground-Based Data Centre

Coordination of ground-based observations.

Information of ground-based instruments.

New auroral oval indices.

Real time ionospheric maps (Europe)

UK Co-ordinated Data Handling Facility for Solar Terrestrial Physics

On-line data (partly public):

ISTP Key Parameters.

AMPTE IRM and UKS prime parameters data.

The latest uncertified ISTP Key Parameters for Geotail, Polar and Wind from GSFC.

Test Prime and Summary parameter (and plot) files from Cluster.

SCATHA summary parameter data produced for CSDS.

CRRES Science Summary Database.

UK Six Metre Group

Some archived articles concerning ionospheric conditions from the viewpoint of radio propagation

University College London/Atmospheric Physics Laboratory

Modelling of the coupled thermosphere/ionosphere system.

University of Oulu

Space Physics Textbook

Overview of the basic items in ionospheric-magnetospheric physics with the emphasis focused on high-latitude regions.

Virtual Library for A/STP&C

Extensive link collection of aeronomy, solar-terrestrial physics and chemistry.

University of Southampton

Space debris modelling

Detailed software description.

University of Surrey

Space Radiation Studies

Short overview.

SPEE home page

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