Shortcuts to near real time solar-terrestrial data plots

Note: due to practical reasons, only the provider of each WWW page is given in []-brackets. In many cases, there are several participants in one project. For more information, study the appropriate pages. In most cases data are preliminary.

In some cases data files are available too.



Auroral Activity Observation Network [STD]
Fennoscandia [FMI/GEO]
Longyearbyen (Svalbard) [UNIS]
Oval by CANOPUS magnetic recordings [Univ. Alberta]


Auroral oval by NOAA/POES [NOAA/SEL]
POLAR images: visible and ultraviolet [Univ. Iowa]

Geomagnetic field


Republic of South Africa: Hermanus [Univ. Kyoto]


Dumont d'Urville [Univ. Kyoto]
Vostok [Univ. Kyoto] - PC index [AARI]


India: Alibag [Univ. Kyoto]
Indian Ocean: Martin de Vivies [Univ. Kyoto]
Japan: Kakioka and Memambetsu [Univ. Kyoto]
Russia: Tixi [Univ. Kyoto]
Taiwan: Lunping [Univ. Kyoto]

Australia and Pacific

Australia: Canberra and Learmonth [IPS]
Australia: Tennyson Woods [Univ. Flinders]
Hawaii: Honolulu [Univ. Kyoto]


Denmark: Brorfelde [Univ. Kyoto]
Finland: Nurmijärvi (Finland) [FMI/GEO]
Finland: Sodankylä [SGO]
Finland and Norway: IMAGE (Finland and Norway) [FMI/GEO]
Great Britain: Geomagnetism Information and Forecast Service (files) [BGS]
Great Britain: Lerwick [Univ. Kyoto]
Great Britain: York [Univ. York]
Greenland: Godhavn and Narsarsuaq and Thule (Greenland) [Univ. Kyoto]
Norway and Svalbard [Univ. Tromsø]
Sweden: Abisko and Lovö [Univ. Kyoto]
Sweden: Kiruna and Lycksele [IRF]

North America

Alaska: Gakona [NRL]
Puerto Rico: San Juan [Univ. Kyoto]

Global indices

ap (preliminary) [NWRA]
Planetary indices [GFZ]
Quick-look AE index [Univ. Kyoto]


Current Ionospheric Conditions [IPS]
Digisonde in Millstone Hill [Univ. Massachusetts]
Digisonde in Tromsø [Univ. Tromsø]
Ionosgrams from Kiruna and Uppsala (Sweden) [IRF]
Ionospheric effective sunspot index (SSNe) [NWRA]
Real time ionospheric maps (Europe) [RAL]
SuperDARN (North America) [JHU/APL]
SuperDARN/CUTLASS: Finland - Iceland [Univ. Leicester]
Total electron content: global - North America [NASA/JPL]

Solar wind

ACE real time data [NOAA/SEL]
Energetic particle summary plots [LANL]
GOES: magnetic field and electron flux [NOAA/SEL]
Latest 48 hours proton monitor data of the solar wind [Univ. Maryland]
WIND: magnetic field (daily key parameters) [NASA/GSFC]


24 hr effective sunspot number [NWRA]
Big Bear solar images [BBSO]
Current Solar Conditions [IPS]
SOHO summary database [NASA]
Solar images [NASA]
Solar images [NOAA/SEL]
Today's Sun [MSSL]

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