Data analysis and hybrid modeling (rosetta)

Figure on right: An illustration of the three basic components of the rosetta research project:

  1. New observations made by ROSETTA which by

  2. data analysis and global hybrid modeling, will provide

  3. unique new information of comet 67P/CG

    In such way, we increases our knowledge of the some of the fundamental question in science, namely,

  4. the formation and evolution of the Solar System and

  5. the conditions for the life.

    The main data will be obtained from five (5) instruments on ROSETTA-mission (ICA, COSIMA, MIP, PP, LAP) which building Finnish Meteorological institute, FMI, has contributed.

    The main modeling tool, the global hybrid model HYB-Comet, will be a new member of HYB modeling family which have been developed at FMI over a ten years.

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