Inner Magnetosphere Coupling (IMC) workshop

July 28 - August 1, 2008, hotel Korpilampi, Espoo, Finland


Natalia Ganushkina (Finnish Meteorological Institute) and Yuri Shprits (UCLA)

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Scientific program


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Conference focus:

The dynamics of the inner magnetosphere is closely related to the solar wind conditions. Plasma populations in the inner magnetosphere are also coupled by means of electromagnetic field, currents, and wave-particle interactions. Precipitating inner magnetospheric particles influence the ionosphere and upper atmospheric chemistry and can thus influence climate. In recent years the satellite measurements (CRRES, IMAGE, Polar, HEO, and Cluster, SAMPEX) and theoretical studies, have advanced our understanding of the dynamics of various plasma populations in the inner magnetosphere. Understanding of the couplings between the plasmasphere, ring current, radiation belts, magnetic field, and waves are still incomplete. The main purpose of the Inner Magnetospheric Coupling (IMC) conference is to bring together researchers studying various plasma populations in the inner magnetosphere, processes which may influence inner magnetosphere, as well as effects of the inner magnetosphere on the ionosphere, atmosphere and global magnetospheric interactions. This conference is timely in preparation for the upcoming NASA mission Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP), understanding of the results of the current NASA and ESA missions and follows a recent GEM Inner Magnetosphere/Storms campaign. Sessions at the conference will be devoted to understanding of the strongly coupled inner magnetospheric system and providing important insight on how disturbances on the Sun and magnetosphere can propagate through the inner magnetosphere and influence the ionosphere and upper atmosphere. The objectives of the conference are central to the NSF GEM and CEDAR programs and NASA's LWS mission and ESA's objectives.

Scientific program:

During the IMC workshop we will spend most of the time in really "workshop mode". We will not have session conveners, but rather "discussion leaders". There will be 10 "Topics for discussions", and each topic will have 1 or 2 discussion leaders.

Scientific programme overview (pdf)
A more detailed programme (pdf)

NOTE! If you do not find your name in the programme, please, contact the organizers. You will definitely fit in since the schedule is very flexible.

Discussion Topics and Discussion Leaders:

1. Influence of the solar wind on the inner magnetosphere (Dan Baker, Tuija Pulkkinen) Summary (pdf)

2. Couplings among plasmasphere, ring current and radiation belts (Yuri Shprits, Jerry Goldstein) Summary (pdf)

3. Couplings between plasma populations and magnetic field (Sorin Zaharia, Colby Lemon) Summary (pdf)

4. Couplings beween Plasma populations and waves (Sasha Ukhorskiy, Nigel Meredith)

5. Plasma seet injections (Mike Liemohn, Natalia Ganushkina) Summary (pdf)

6. Inner magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling (Mark Moldwin)
Summary (pdf)

7. Auroral and subauroral phenomena (Kirsti Kauristie)
Summary (pdf)

8. Influence of the inner magnetosphere on upper atmosphere and a potential influence on climate (Richard Horne)

9. Combining models and observations in the inner magnetosphere (Mary Hudson, Scot Elkington) Summary (pdf)

10. Innovative methods and tools for data analysis (Joseph Koller, Yoshi Miyoshi) Summary (pdf)

Discussion leader will give a short overview of the topic (~15-20 min) to give background and initiate discussions. Presentation of the discussion leader(s) will be followed by 1(or 2) "invited talks" (10-15 min each). After that, the topic will be open for discussion. Discussion presentations will include 1-3 slide presentations and comments. There will be also 1 slide presentations of each poster material.

We would like to ask discussion leaders to select invited speakers.

We suggest that discussion leaders
1) avoid AGU/EGU type presentations,
2) allow sufficient time for discussions,
3) give audience enough background on the discussion material,
4) avoid multiple presentations of the same material during poster and oral sessions.


Dr. Natalia Ganushkina
Finnish Meteorological Institute
Space Research
POBox 503, FIN-00101 Helsinki
tel: +358-9-1929-4645
fax: +358-9-1929-4603

Dr. Yuri Y. Shprits
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
7232 Math Sciences
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1565
tel: +1-310-825-1038
fax: +1-310-206-5219

Program committee:

Dan Baker, USA
Tuija Pulkkinen, Finland
Richard Horne, UK
Richard Thorne, USA
Geoff Reeves, USA
Mike Liemohn, USA
Yusuke Ebihara, Japan

Victor Trahtengertz, Russia
Sebastien Bourdarie, France
Michael Panasyuk, Russia
Lev Zeleniy, Russia
Vania Jordanova, USA
Vassilis Angelopoulos, USA

Conference venue:

The workshop will be held in hotel Korpilampi, in the city of Espoo, near capital city of Finland Helsinki.
Hotel Korpilampi (see the brief description) is an excellent meeting place. It is located right next to Serena water park and only a 30-minute drive from the centre of Helsinki and from Helsinki-Vantaa international airport.

The surrounding nature provides various possibilities for recreation. Korpilampi is a combination of services located amidst peaceful nature. In addition to a traditional sauna and a swimming pool, there is a genuine Finnish chimneyless sauna by the lake Korpilampi. The hotel also offers jogging, hiking, Nordic walking, backpacking, riding, fishing, squash, a gym, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a beach, bicycles, a soap box car track, golf (in cooperation with Lakisto Golf Course).


Hotel Korpilampi has 150 comfortable rooms of which 96 double rooms, 36 3-bed rooms, 16 family rooms and 2 suites.
The rooms includes radio, television (Pay-TV), phone, minibar, shower and toilet.
For the workshop participants the price for single room is 95 euros and 70 euros/person in double room. This price includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch from a Buffet table.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served from a Buffet table. In addition to the Buffet, there is an a la carte list. Live music performed from Tuesday to Saturday in the restaurant. Free entrance for hotel guests.


There are three saunas in Hotel Korpilampi, jacuzzi, swimming-pool Indoor and you can swim in the fresh forest lake.

Travel information


If you need a visa to enter Finland, please, contact our secretary Maija Helenius (Maija.Helenius 'at' for the invitation letter.

How to get to the hotel Korpilampi?

There is a regular bus connection (bus number 339) from downtown Helsinki (bus station in the basement of the Kamppi shopping centre), usually platform number 14. This is the Sunday schedule, and more timetables (Helsinki - Korpilampi) can be found here . The price of the bus ticket is about 5 EUR.

The fastest and easiest way to reach the hotel from the airport is taxi. The distance from the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport to the hotel is about 20km, so it takes about 30min by taxi. The price is about 30 euros. There is no direct bus connection from the airport to the hotel.

To go to hotel by bus, it is necessary to go first to city center (Finnair bus or regular bus 615) and then to hotel Korpilampi by bus 339.

Registration and title of presentation submission deadline is May 15, 2008:

Presenation abstract is not required for the registration.

Please, follow the link to register and pay the registration fee. Registration fee is 250 Euros.

If you are not able to make a credit card payment for the registration fee please contact the organizers of the conference.

Hotel booking deadline is May 15, 2008:

The workshop will be held in city of Espoo, near capital city of Finland Helsinki, in hotel Korpilampi.
All reservations must be done via the hotel web page. When contacting the hotel, please, inform that you are the participant of the IMC08 meeting.

Fontana Hotel Korpilampi
Korpilammentie 5
02970 ESPOO
phone +358 9 613 8411
fax +358 9 613 84220
Contact person: Salla Tuohisaari

Reservations via hotel's internet page:

Please, go to the hotel's page: hotel Korpilampi.
Then Go to booking service. The reservation page will appear in Finnish.
Find "Choose language" and change Suomi to English.
Then select rooms and dates and click on "Find rooms and Rates". The list of rooms will appear. NOTE, that prices shown on that page are higher than given on the IMC webpage.

For the workshop participants the price for single room is 95 euros and 70 euros/person in double room. This price includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch from a Buffet table.

Please, ignore prices listed on the hotel web site and proceed and make your choice of the room and click on "Book".
Give all necessary information and MOST IMPORTANT write into Message box that you are IMC meeting participant and give the code


to receive a special rate listed on the IMC website.

For more information please, contact Salla Tuohisaari (, +358 9 613 84 226).

If you prefer to stay in Helsinki and commute to hotel Korpilampi, there is regular bus service, it takes about 30 minutes to go to hotel from the bus station. You can make a hotel reservation on the Helsinki tourism site.

Workshop proceedings:

It is planned that a book of Workshop Proceedings will appear after the workshop. It is also planned that the necessity and the contents of this book will be discussed during the workshop.

Social program:

Monday July 28: Icebreaker near the lake Korpilampi
Tuesday July 29: Helsinki sightseeing
Thursday July 31: Conference dinner