The IGRF-Applet Homepage

The IGRF-applet is a part of the master's thesis "Geomagnetic Models and the IGRF-Applet" by Kimmo Korhonen.

The thesis was written at the geophysical research division of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.


The Applet The IGRF-applet. To run the applet you need a WWW-browser with JDK 1.1 support. Also, see the technical notes for more information. Especially Mac users should read the notes.
User's Guide User's guide for the IGRF-applet. Contains an explanation of the graphical user interface and the map window. Explains how to plot isomagnetic maps and how to select your own contour levels.

If plotting a map takes a long time you may download your own copy of these pages here.

Copyright © 2000 Kimmo Korhonen