FMI/ASC Keograms January

The keograms in here are RAW DATA from the new all-sky cameras and thus NOT SUITABLE for publicication in this format. If you would like to do research based on these images, please contact Kirsti Kauristie ( for detailed instrument description, proper keograms, and data interpretation.

The Sodankylä camera is run by the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory.

Those keograms marked as "not available" mean that either we don't have all-sky images for that particular night or that the images are not yet processed. Please contact for details, a short interpretation guide is available, though.

NyröläMuonioKilpisjärvi KevoLongyearbyen SodankyläNyÅlesund
06, Jan 1 NYR_060101.jpg Station closed KIL_060101.jpg KEV_060101.jpg Not available SOD_060101.jpg NAL_060101.jpg
06, Jan 2 NYR_060102.jpg Station closed KIL_060102.jpg KEV_060102.jpg Not available SOD_060102.jpg NAL_060102.jpg
06, Jan 3 NYR_060103.jpg Station closed KIL_060103.jpg KEV_060103.jpg Not available SOD_060103.jpg NAL_060103.jpg
06, Jan 4 NYR_060104.jpg Station closed KIL_060104.jpg KEV_060104.jpg Not available SOD_060104.jpg NAL_060104.jpg
06, Jan 5 NYR_060105.jpg Station closed KIL_060105.jpg KEV_060105.jpg Not available SOD_060105.jpg NAL_060105.jpg
06, Jan 6 NYR_060106.jpg Station closed KIL_060106.jpg KEV_060106.jpg Not available SOD_060106.jpg NAL_060106.jpg
06, Jan 7 NYR_060107.jpg Station closed KIL_060107.jpg KEV_060107.jpg Not available SOD_060107.jpg NAL_060107.jpg
06, Jan 8 NYR_060108.jpg Station closed KIL_060108.jpg KEV_060108.jpg Not available SOD_060108.jpg NAL_060108.jpg
06, Jan 9 NYR_060109.jpg Station closed KIL_060109.jpg KEV_060109.jpg Not available SOD_060109.jpg NAL_060109.jpg
06, Jan 10 Not available Station closed KIL_060110.jpg KEV_060110.jpg Not available SOD_060110.jpg NAL_060110.jpg
06, Jan 11 NYR_060111.jpg Station closed KIL_060111.jpg KEV_060111.jpg Not available SOD_060111.jpg NAL_060111.jpg
06, Jan 12 NYR_060112.jpg Station closed KIL_060112.jpg KEV_060112.jpg Not available SOD_060112.jpg NAL_060112.jpg
06, Jan 13 NYR_060113.jpg Station closed KIL_060113.jpg KEV_060113.jpg Not available SOD_060113.jpg NAL_060113.jpg
06, Jan 14 NYR_060114.jpg Station closed KIL_060114.jpg KEV_060114.jpg Not available SOD_060114.jpg NAL_060114.jpg
NyröläMuonioKilpisjärviKevoLongyearbyen SodankyläNyÅlesund
06, Jan 15 NYR_060115.jpg Station closed KIL_060115.jpg KEV_060115.jpg Not available SOD_060115.jpg NAL_060115.jpg
06, Jan 16 NYR_060116.jpg Station closed KIL_060116.jpg KEV_060116.jpg Not available SOD_060116.jpg NAL_060116.jpg
06, Jan 17 NYR_060117.jpg Station closed KIL_060117.jpg KEV_060117.jpg Not available SOD_060117.jpg NAL_060117.jpg
06, Jan 18 NYR_060118.jpg Station closed KIL_060118.jpg KEV_060118.jpg LYR_060118.jpg SOD_060118.jpg NAL_060118.jpg
06, Jan 19 NYR_060119.jpg Station closed KIL_060119.jpg KEV_060119.jpg LYR_060119.jpg SOD_060119.jpg NAL_060119.jpg
06, Jan 20 NYR_060120.jpg Station closed KIL_060120.jpg KEV_060120.jpg LYR_060120.jpg SOD_060120.jpg NAL_060120.jpg
06, Jan 21 NYR_060121.jpg Station closed KIL_060121.jpg KEV_060121.jpg LYR_060121.jpg SOD_060121.jpg NAL_060121.jpg
06, Jan 22 NYR_060122.jpg Station closed KIL_060122.jpg KEV_060122.jpg LYR_060122.jpg SOD_060122.jpg NAL_060122.jpg
06, Jan 23 NYR_060123.jpg Station closed KIL_060123.jpg KEV_060123.jpg LYR_060123.jpg SOD_060123.jpg NAL_060123.jpg
06, Jan 24 NYR_060124.jpg Station closed KIL_060124.jpg KEV_060124.jpg LYR_060124.jpg SOD_060124.jpg NAL_060124.jpg
06, Jan 25 NYR_060125.jpg Station closed KIL_060125.jpg KEV_060125.jpg LYR_060125.jpg SOD_060125.jpg NAL_060125.jpg
06, Jan 26 NYR_060126.jpg Station closed KIL_060126.jpg KEV_060126.jpg LYR_060126.jpg SOD_060126.jpg NAL_060126.jpg
06, Jan 27 NYR_060127.jpg Station closed KIL_060127.jpg KEV_060127.jpg LYR_060127.jpg SOD_060127.jpg NAL_060127.jpg
06, Jan 28 NYR_060128.jpg Station closed KIL_060128.jpg KEV_060128.jpg LYR_060128.jpg SOD_060128.jpg NAL_060128.jpg
06, Jan 29 NYR_060129.jpg Station closed KIL_060129.jpg KEV_060129.jpg LYR_060129.jpg SOD_060129.jpg NAL_060129.jpg
06, Jan 30 NYR_060130.jpg Station closed KIL_060130.jpg KEV_060130.jpg LYR_060130.jpg SOD_060130.jpg NAL_060130.jpg
06, Jan 31 NYR_060131.jpg Station closed KIL_060131.jpg KEV_060131.jpg LYR_060131.jpg SOD_060131.jpg NAL_060131.jpg
Nyrölä Muonio Kilpisjärvi Kevo Longyearbyen Sodankylä NyÅlesund

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