MIRACLE data analysis tools

2) 1D-upward field continuation of the X component of a north-south IMAGE magnetometer chain to the ionosphere; electrojet detection:

- Short description of the analysis method:

The X component data of a 1D north-south chain is continued upward to the iononsphere. Two versions of this method are existing:

1.) A version that works in cartesian coordinates and uses the field continuation operator in Fourier space (see Mersmann et al., 1979).
2.) A version that works in spherical coordinates and uses 1D Spherical Elementary Current Systems (SECS) (see Vanhamäki et al., 2003).

The upward continuation can be performed with both versions
quickly for a whole range of time.

- Input data requirements:

IMAGE magnetometer data of the chain NUR-NAL (X components; see MIRACLE map for stations overview). Additionally, the east-west chain AND-KEV is used to estimate the validity of the 1D assumption.

- Output quantities:

Upward continued X component on the ionospheric height, equally spaced on a north-south profile.

- Literature:

- Example plots:


a) Eastward electrojet:
b) Westward electrojet:

Note that multiplication of BIon with 2 /0gives directly the (equivalent) current density of the electrojets in the ionosphere.

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