ESA project
SSA - P2-SWE-XII - Tailoring SWE Services for the Arctic Region

ESA SSA Programme

SSA-SWE Customer Requirements (.pdf)


This project belongs to the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Programme of the European Space Agency (ESA). Our main objective is identify how the SSA Space Weather (SWE) customer requirements need to be enhanced and tailored for the end-users in the Arctic region, and how these requirements can be fulfilled. The SSA customer requirements are inspected and evaluated by applying a user survey 14 European end-users in the domains of navigation, communication, resource exploitation, geomagnetic survey and tourism. The project started in November 2014 and its duration is six months.

The study consists of three Tasks:

  • Task 1: Assessment of the Customer Requirements of the Arctic Region
  • Task 2: Tailoring of the SWE System and Product Requirements
  • Task 3: Development of the Arctic Region Service Roadmap

    The Consortium conducting the survey consists of four research institutes:

  • Denmark Technical University (DTU, Lead)
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI, Sub-contractor)
  • Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF, Sub-contractor)
  • German Aerospace Center, Institute of Communications and Navigation (DLR, Consultant)

    Photos: Jouni Vainio, Timo Vihma, Emilia Mänttäri and Matias Takala (FMI)