IMAGE magnetometer data download from unix command line.
Monthly data files

You may donwload IMAGE magnetometer data from IMAGE server with unix wget command. The url is:

The returned datafile is a tarball file containing gzipped daily IAGA format data files collected into a single archive.

You must specify one obligatory parameter:
monthMonth of the data set. Format: YYYYMM.
In addition there are two optional parameter:
stationsList of stations included in data files. Default = All stations.
The list is a string of three-letter station ID codes separated by an underscrore '_'. E.g. "TRO_SOD_NUR". Some predefined sets may be used:
  • PPN-SOR : Line of stations from PPN to SOR.
  • PPN-NAL : Line of stations from PPN to NAL.
  • SVALBARD : Stations on or near Svalbard (NAL LYR HOP HOR BJN)
  • FENNOSCANDIA : Stations on continental Norway, Sweden and Finland
  • 66-71 : Stations between geographic latitudes 66° and 71°.
sample_rateTime resolution in seconds used in data files. Default = 10.
Note: With IAGA files the time resolution is always at least 1 minute.
Example 1: Download 1-minute IMAGE data in IAGA format for March, 2018. Include all stations. Store the data into file 'image_201803.iaga.tar'.

wget -q "" -O image_201803.iaga.tar

Example 2: Download full resolution (10s) IMAGE data for September, 2019. Include stations along the PPN-NAL line. Store the data into file 'image_201909.iaga.tar'.

wget -q "" -O image_201909.iaga.tar