EISCAT magnetometer cross

The EISCAT magnetometer cross started to operate in October 1982, and it continued until October 1991. At maximum seven digital triaxial fluxgate magnetometer stations operated since summer 1983. The sampling interval was 20 s, and the resolution was 1 nT.

Data availability is shown in a common diagram with IMAGE. Quick-look magnetograms are available online. Data of 1982-1990 are also on a CD-ROM distributed by FMI/SPACE (price 84 EUR + 22% VAT if applicable; price subject to changes).

The EISCAT magnetometer project was German-Finnish collaboration conducted by the Technical University of Braunschweig. The IMAGE magnetometer network can be regarded as an immediate continuation and extension of the EISCAT cross.


Geographical latitudes and longitudes of stations

SOR Sørøya 70.54 22.22
ALT Alta 69.86 22.96
KEV Kevo 69.76 27.01
KIL Kilpisjärvi 69.02 20.79
KAU Kautokeino 69.02 23.05
MUO Muonio 68.02 23.53
PEL Pello 66.90 24.08

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