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URSI XXV Convention on Radio Science - Call for papers

The Finnish National Committee of URSI will have the XXV Convention on Radio Science at Säätytalo and Tieteiden Talo, Helsinki, Finland, on 21-22 September 2000. The Geophysical Research Division of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is the local organizer.

The meeting gives an opportunity for scientists and researchers to introduce their work in the broad field of radio science. There will be two parallel sessions and poster sessions. The following topics are highlighted:

* Mobile radio networks especially with the following subtopics:
- Antennas and RF components
- Network architectures and design
- Third generation systems and receiver algorithms
- Geolocation

* Radars

* Theory of electromagnetic fields and waves

* Natural electromagnetic fields
- Geoelectromagnetic fields
- Lightning flashes

* Space weather with a special emphasis on ionospheric effects

Contributions in areas of URSI not mentioned above are also welcome, including electromagnetic metrology, signals and systems, electronics and photonics, electromagnetic noise and interference, waves in plasmas, radio astronomy, and bioelectromagnetic effects.

Abstracts: Submit your abstract in English in an electronic form. See separate instructions on the WWW site. A sample document is attached.

Presentation: Oral presentations can be given in Finnish or English; however, all viewgraphs are recommended to be in English. Poster presentations should be in English. The Program Committee will make the final decision on oral vs. poster presentation.

Deadline: The strict deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 11 August. Abstracts received later will only be considered for program placement if space permits. The registration fee is recommended to be paid beforehand (until September 8). On-site registration is possible with a higher charge.

Acceptance/rejectance: Information on acceptance/rejectance of abstracts will be sent (by email if available) to first authors by 31 August. The information will be also given on the meeting WWW page.

Program committee: Risto Pirjola (Finnish Meteorological Institute, chairman), Martti Hallikainen (Helsinki University of Technology, chairman of the Finnish National Committee of URSI), Hannu Koskinen (Finnish Meteorological Institute & University of Helsinki), Heikki Nevanlinna (Finnish Meteorological Institute), Jaan Praks (Helsinki University of Technology, secretary of the Finnish National Committee of URSI), Tapio Tuomi (Finnish Meteorological Institute) and Ari Viljanen (Finnish Meteorological Institute, secretary)

Further information: Please contact Ari Viljanen, secretary of the organizing committee (tel. +358-9-1929 4668, email ari.viljanen@fmi.fi), or consult the meeting WWW page (http://www.geo.fmi.fi/ursi2000/).

Please distribute this information among your colleagues!

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