First Electric Sailing Workshop at ESA ESTEC

The first workshop on Electric Sailing was held at ESA ESTEC on Monday, May 19, 2008. The organiser from ESA side was Mr. Jose Gonzalez del Amo, head of ESTEC Electric Propulsion Section.


Outcome of the workshop

The workshop was successful and all the participants contributed to the discussions. The participants and ESA agreed on the following outcome.

  1. ESA and the rest of the participants consider that the maturity level of the concept is good enough to conclude that there is no show stopper regarding the physics or the technology.
  2. Engineering issues that should be addressed in more detail are:
  3. ESA representatives feel that the technology is very useful for deep space missions requiring high delta-v, for example the interstellar heliopause mission.
All the participants encourage the consortium led by FMI to push for a flight experiment.

Detailed programme and presentations

Created: May 26, 2008
Latest updated: May 26, 2008

More information about electric sail

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