Tela Graphics Examples

Pekka Janhunen, Pekka.Janhunen (insert at here)

Version 1.11, October 1994

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The GIF images that appear below were created in the following way. The switch plotopt("-colorps") was used. Each plot was first created as a PostScript file by pressing the "Print to File" button in PlotMTV window. The PS file was read in XV program and the background and line colors were edited. The figure was then saved as GIF from XV. The quality of the GIF images is lowered to save network bandwidth.

Contour plot with annotated points is part of the standard Tela demos. The basic contour plot has been augmented with some labelled red dots and green circles.

Pseudocolor plot of turbulent spectrum is also part of the standard Tela demos. It presents the basic pcolor command. The plot represents a quick and dirty way to simulate a "turbulent" spatial spectrum: Compute the intensity with random phases and power-law k-dependence in k space and transform it to real space using the inverse Fourier transform.

Bar chart example from Kenny Toh's PlotMTV manual.

Mesh plot example. The following commands were used to generate this picture:

r = sqrt(x^2 + y^2);
mesh(sin(r)/sqrt(r), "hiddenline","true",

Combination of contour3 and plot3 (3D slicing and 3D field lines). Magnetospheric mass density and magnetic field lines.