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Finnish Meteorological Institute
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FIN-00101 Helsinki,Finland

telephone: +358-29-5394656
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Welcome to my home ...

My special interests ( and / or / xor ) work

Macintosh systems, Linux and (cub-)scouting, not necessarily in this order.

Current project(s)

I don't update this page too often, but


realtime weather station software and corresponding receiver software, written in Erlang

BebiColombo SERENA and MIXS/SIXS instrument EGSEs

Electronic Ground Support Equipment software written in Erlang and Tcl/Tk for the two BepiColombo mission instruments


Rosetta dust analysator programming.

NURmijärvi magnetometer and coil system programming

This is a continuous task to update Nurmijärvi Observatory measurement network to be based on Linux and programmed basicly with Erlang.


Old project(s)



A utomatic S olar-system Particle E xperiment with R otating Analyser - C osmogony, part of the Russian Mars-94spacecraft, to be launched in 1996. It's an ion and neutral spectrometer, manufactured in IRF Kiruna, controlled by the T800-transputer, and programmed with Occamby me.

Here's ASPERA-C without painting and solar radiation shielding and in theother picture Pekka Riihelä ,FMI/GEO (DPU card design) looking electronics with Joakim Gimholt,IRF.


R eduction O peration of Noice and J unk in A strid, compressionhardware and software in the Astrid, Swedish microsatellite launched in 24 January 1995. It's based on theT800-transputer, and programmed with Occam.(Do you see a pattern here ?)

Some nice pictures of RONJA and Astrid (and manual for operators).

Languages spoken and/or understood

I speak French to men, Italian to women, Spanish to God and Germanto my horse (someone)

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Created: June 1994
Updated: 22 April 1998
Updated: 07 June 2012