COST724 Recorded geomagnetic storm effects on technological systems COST724

This is the WWW site of the work package "Recorded geomagnetic storm effects on technological systems" (WP3340) of the COST 724 action. The objective is to collect observations and modeling output of geomagnetic storm effects on technological systems.

The most extensive list of historical GIC events until 1991 is given in the paper by D.H. Boteler, R.J. Pirjola and H. Nevanlinna: The effects of geomagnetic disturbances on electrical systems at the earth's surface, Adv. Space Res., 22, 17-27, 1998. Many of these events are also described on the space weather site of the Natural Resources Canada.

List of GIC disturbances since 1992.

We have derived a simple regional indicator of GIC activity ("DB index"). Based on this, we have produced lists of the most severe GIC storms since October 1982 in northern Europe.

GIC Now!: Nowcasting GIC activity in Finland.
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Updated: 14.11.2008
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