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The Magnetometers - Ionospheric Radars- Allsky Cameras Large Experiment (MIRACLE) is a two-dimensional instrument network constructed for mesoscale studies of auroral electrodynamics.The network is maintained and operated in collaboration with several institutes. The Finnish Meteorological Institute maintains the networking between the various instruments and provides access to the merged data sets.

The quick-look plots from the MIRACLE network may be freely used for the purpose of teaching and non-commercial scientific research. Data users are encouraged to discuss the data with knowledgeable scientists within the instrument PI groups, as the data may on occasion contain errors or features that could affect the data interpretation. The quick-look data are shown as GIF-plots which are not suitable for publishing purposes.

If you would like to get quick look plots as PS-files or plots with a better time resolution, or you would like to use our data analysis tools in case studies contact Kirsti.Kauristie@fmi.fi. In the case of substantial consultation we expect you to include the appropriate MIRACLE team member to your author list, otherwise acknowledgements are enough.

Please, send the reference information to Kirsti.Kauristie@fmi.fi when you are publishing articles and reports that utilise MIRACLE data. We would be happy to get your reprints as well. This is for our internal use only to record how much the data are used.

The use of the full-resolution data is subject to the rules of the road of each of the instruments; links to web-addresses for those are provided below. Any further distribution of these data are subject to the same conditions of use.

The MIRACLE scientific coordination team includes Pekka Janhunen, Kirsti Kauristie, and Ari Viljanen. The Technical Manager is Kari Pajunpää.

The MIRACLE network consist of the following instrument networks:

  1. International Monitor for Auroral Geomagnetic Effects (IMAGE)
    Rules of the road

    A magnetometer network, which consists of 22 magnetometer stations in Finland, Sweden, Russia, mainland Norway, and Svalbard.

  2. Scandinavian Twin Auroral Radar Experiment (STARE)
    Rules of the Road

    A coherent scatter ionospheric radar system, which consists of two radars: one in Hankasalmi in Finland and the other in Midtsandan in Norway

  3. Finnish Meteorological Institute All-sky Camera Network
    Rules of the road

    Network of five digital all-sky cameras located in Finland, Sweden, and Svalbard. The network is maintained and operated by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

    More information: Kirsti Kauristie