FMI Phoenix Pressure Device

FMI Phoenix Pressure device uses Barocap® pressure sensor heads that are developed by Vaisala. Barocap® based pressure devices and transducers have been used in 6 missions:

  • Mars -96 Small Stations and Penetrators (1996)
  • Huygens entry probe to Titan moon (launched 1997, entry 2005)
  • Mars Polar lander (1999)
  • Beagle-2 (2003)
  • NASA Phoenix Mars Mission (2007)
  • Mars Science Laboratory (to be launched 2009)
FMI Pressure device includes multiple Vaisala Barocap® sensor heads that are located in a sealed casing with a hole for gas exchange with Martian atmosphere.

Pressure device is small and light weighted pressure sensing instrument. The main dimensions of the device are approximately 55x45x20 mm and the weight is less than 30 grams.

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