FMI all-sky cameras: Sample images and animations

FMI emCCD ASC: Images and animations

Sample images

Each all-sky image file name consists of the information on which station took the image, the date and time of the image, the filter selection and the exposure time. North is to the top and east to the right in the image. The last two time digits in the image file are for the milliseconds. Below are nearly simultaneous sample images on 5 Jan, 2008 at the blue wavelength from Sodankylä station where both the intensified imager and the emCCD camera are operated under the same dome.

An intensified ASC image from SOD at 22:58:00 UT

An emCCD image from SOD at 22:58:10.21 UT

An emCCD image at 22:58:10.21 UT, background image at 22:57:54.22 UT subtracted

Sample animations

More information: Kirsti Kauristie