FMI all-sky cameras: Sample images and animations

FMI all-sky cameras: Images and animations

Sample image Each all-sky image consists of the image itself and a "timestamp" below the image. The timestamp contains details about which station took the image, the date and time of the image, the exposure time and the filter selection. There is also a "compass" which indicates the orientation of the image.

Sample images

These sample images were captured simultaneously at three stations in Finland. One of the main arguments in having several stations is local weather conditions: if it's cloudy in Kilpisjärvi, it might be clear in Muonio. The clouds are between ground and aurora, so one needs to have clear weather in order to capture auroral images.

The images here were taken through a narrow bandpass filter (557.7nm)

Kilpisjärvi KIL1 KIL2 KIL3 KIL4
Muonio MUO1 MUO2 MUO3 MUO4

Sample animations

More information: Kirsti Kauristie