MIRACLE All-Sky Camera, Rules of the Road

MIRACLE All-Sky Camera Rules of the Road

The data from FMI all-sky cameras may be freely used for the purpose of teaching and non-commercial scientific research. Any further distribution of these data are subject to the same conditions of use. Data users are strongly encouraged to discuss the data with knowledgeable scientists within Finnish Meteorological Institute, as the data may on occasion contain errors or features that could affect the data interpretation. In analyses that make significant use of the FMI camera data, co-authorship to a FMI scientist should be offered. All data requests should be sent to Kirsti Kauristie (email: firstname.lastname@fmi.fi)

Conditions of SGO ASC data usage. Contact: Tero Raita (email: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi)

Please, send the reference information to the ASC contace points when you are publishing articles and reports that utilise all-sky camera data. We would be happy to get your reprints as well. This is for our internal use only, to record how much the data are used.