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Nordic Ionospheric Sounding rocket Seeding Experiment (NISSE)

One year after lift-off

It is already some way back in the past and the work the team members did for NISSE exponentially decreased. After the launch there was still no end for all the paper work; the team had to do a failure investigation followed by a report. Shortly after the final report was pending to be written for the European Space Acency. Additional outreach was done as well (see Publications). But what about our experiment today? Will NISSE see space for a second time?
The payload is still available and in a good condition – so in principle it could fly again. There are even rumours about having a new tank design by A. Søreide: a 50L water tank on its own rocket :-). In any case, if you are interested in joining the team or have questions about the REXUS program, you are very welcome to contact us!
The very last words goes to our faithful readers and our sponsors: A big thank you and bye, bye!
Your NISSE team!

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