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Nordic Ionospheric Sounding rocket Seeding Experiment (NISSE)

Progress: Feb 2010 What happened to NISSE after the launch? The story one year after lift-off... more...
Feb 2009 NISSE launched on March 12th 2009!
Jan 2009 Brandnew pictures on the Production News page! more...
Since Nov 2008 NISSE has a blog on the International Polar Year (IPY) homepage IPY blog
30 Nov - 3 Dec 2008 NISSE has been elected as the highlight of the International Polar Year (IPY) homepage IPY page
November 2008 The water tank and release system construction was completed and a full ground test was carried out
Download the video (3GP format): Water Release Test and see the new pictures of the assembled tank in: NISSE's Manufacturing News
9 September 2008 NISSE's success story is spread over Finland in the Avaruusluotain!
Read the first story: Avaruusluotain
20 August 2008 The workshop at the University of Bergen has now manufactured 6 brackets. Next in queue is the explosive valve system
25 June 2008 After an interview with Timo Pitkänen, the Kaleva newspaper of Oulu, Finland, publis$ Check it out online: Kaleva news
Jun 2008 Timo Pitkänen went to Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, Finland, to do the SIC modelling for NISSE. The results are very promising! A clear electron density depletion is expected to occur after the water release!
For further information on the modelling see: Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
13 Jun 2008 NISSE press release reaches over 15 online newspages!
Just google "Nordic Ionospheric Sounding rocket Seeding Experiment"
30 Apr 2008 The Finnish national wide radio channel YLE Radio 1 mentions NISSE in their Avaruusradiaattori (Space Radiator). Listen here: YLE Radio
Apr 2008 Dream Team attends the REXUS/BEXUS Student Training Week from 20- 26 Apr 2008
4 Apr 2008 Web pages for NISSE launched!
17 Mar 2008 Gisela Baumann joins the Dream Team
Dream Team got a new member: Gisela Baumann from University of Helsinki (also at Finnish Meteorological Institute) joins the team
10 Mar 2008 NISSE selected to fly aboard the REXUS!
See: ESA Rexus project


Last update: 11.12.2008