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Nordic Ionospheric Sounding rocket Seeding Experiment (NISSE)

Most important facts about NISSE

  • The NISSE experiment weights 28 kg of which 11 kg are tap water inside the NISSE watertank. The total rocket REXUS 6 has a weight of 511 kg!
  • The boost phase of the improved Orion rocket lasts 5 seconds
  • NISSE is accelerated for 26 seconds where the maximum accceleration is 21 g (in a NASA space shuttle rocket launch there are g's of about 3 g present)
  • The rocket will reach after 150 seconds the apogee at around 95 km over ground
  • The velocity after 25 seconds will be 4500 km/h (56 x the average car velocity)
  • The rocket's diameter is 35.6 cm and its length 5.6 m. The NISSE experiment makes 60 cm of the rocket length
  • The rocket will spin in its longitudinal direction with about 3.2 Hz and vibrate with a frequency of 20-2000 Hz
  • The temperature on the outside structure will be about 130 degrees Celsius during the flight back towards Earth
  • The prefered rocket launch window is between 11:06 local time (LT) and 13:45 LT
  • Because of low temperatures in Kiruna during this time of the year, the valves of the NISSE experiments are kept warm by heaters before launch
  • The NISSE water release is timed and ignited by the onboard main computer
  • Before and during the launch the pressure and temperature in the tank are continuously measured

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