IMAGE magnetometer network data

Rules of the road

Accuracy of data

Data availability


The magnetic field components are the geographical ones: X (north), Y (east), Z (downwards). The following file formats are available:

1. IAGA format: basic IMAGE format
2. WDC: one minute values
3. Simple column format

In all cases, we follow the IAGA time definition (however, see also comments about the accuracy of data).

Data on WWW

1. On-line magnetograms

2. Request form for data files in various formats, and another form for monthly data

3. Locations of electrojets (quick-look)

Interactive data tools

1. IMAGE electrojet indicators (IL, IU, IE)

2. 1D equivalent currents

3. 2D equivalent currents

Software for data manipulation


CD-ROMs or DVDs are nowadays produced primarily for backup purposes. To get long data sequences, please use the on-line request form for monthly files.

Near-real time data

Other geomagnetic data from Fennoscandia

MIRACLE quick look plots

GAIA (Global Auroral Imaging Access)

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