What's new on IMAGE ?

9.9.2019 Data from most sites available until the end of July 2019, and from some sites until the end of August 2019.
2.7.2019 The next IMAGE magnetometer team meeting will be arranged on 5-6 Sep 2019 in Uppsala. Instructions for participation are available.
21.1.2019 Agreements between the IMAGE contributors added to the website.
8.5.2018 Data from Harestua (HAR) added since January 2018 and from Røst (RST) since May 2017. Both sites are maintained by the Tromsø Geophysical Observatory.
14.3.2018 We are updating the IMAGE website.
In case of problems, please inform FMI contact persons.
The old home page is still available:
19.2.2018 Data from Polesie (PPN) and Hel (HLP) by the Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, added since January 2018.
2.2.2018 Data from Wingst (WNG) and Niemegk (NGK) by GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam added since January 2017.