Intelligent traffic and road weather services

Vehicular networking and road weather services in Sodankylä

The one of the main goal of Intelligent traffic research is to increase safety on the road, especially in the winter condition. In FMI-SPACE we have constructed the specific infrastructure to ensemble purposes to provide carefully configured, reproducible test measurements and analysis. We have set up a vehicle winter testing track, operational truck fleet collecting road weather data, 5G pilot services and secured cloud-based road weather service entity, each one putting the idea of ITS-enabled (Intelligent Traffic Systems) road weather services into real-life scenario.

Different research projects are exploiting the infrastructure. EU ERDF projects Sod5G and Intelligent Arctic Trucks are focusing on research infrastructures, while Tekes 5G-Safe, Interreg Nord Wirma, Ecsel JU SafeCOP and Celtic Plus CyberWI are building road weather service pilots, exploiting the infrastructures.

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