FinCOSPAR 2022

The XVIII meeting of Finnish space researchers FinCOSPAR 2022 was organized as a virtual meeting during Thursday 17 February – Friday 18 February 2022. The meeting was organized by the Finnish Meteorological Institute together with the Finnish National COSPAR committee. The program of the meeting was a composition of plenary talks/panel discussions and sequencies of short introductory talks (3-4 min) followed by discussions in virtual breakout rooms.

Invited speakers

  • Maarit Käpylä (Aalto): “On the possibility and relevance of small-scale dynamo action in the Sun
  • Jouni Pulliainen (FMI): “Evolution and assessment of hemispheric snow mass based on satellite data analysis
  • Markus Battarbee (University of Helsinki): “From petascale to exascale: The Vlasiator semi-lagrangian grid-based plasma simulation in the age of GPU supercomputing
  • Thomas Ulich (Oulu University, Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory): “EISCAT future prospects for Finnish Research Community
  • Seppo Mattila (University of Turku): “Science with the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Maria Hieta (FMI): “First year on Mars onboard Perseverance

Full meeting programme

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