Committee on Space Research Conference 2022

The 18th meeting of Finnish space researchers FinCOSPAR 2022 took place 17 February – Friday 18 February 2022 as a virtual webinar. The meeting brought together researchers working on space-related activities, such as astronomy, space physics, and Earth observations.

The meeting was organized by the Finnish Meteorological Institute with the Finnish National COSPAR committee. More information about the meeting can be obtained from the organizing committee. Conference e-mail address is fincospar@gmail.com.

Invited speakers

  • Maarit Käpylä (Aalto): “On the possibility and relevance of small-scale dynamo action in the Sun
  • Jouni Pulliainen (FMI): “Evolution and assessment of hemispheric snow mass based on satellite data analysis
  • Markus Battarbee (University of Helsinki): “From petascale to exascale: The Vlasiator semi-lagrangian grid-based plasma simulation in the age of GPU supercomputing
  • Thomas Ulich (Oulu University, Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory): “EISCAT future prospects for Finnish Research Community
  • Seppo Mattila (University of Turku): “Science with the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Maria Hieta (FMI): “First year on Mars onboard Perseverance

Scientific sessions format

  • Online sessions was held on both days 10:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 15:00.
  • In each timeslot, each presentation was presented orally online. There was a default structure in which all talks were approximately 3 mins long and after 5 presentations there was 15 mins breakout rooms for discussion and questions.
  • Plenary and keynote speakers had 30 mins reservation for oral and online talks (20 mins), including reserved time for discussion and questions (10 mins.).
  • All oral talks were held by using Zoom.
  • Zoom meetings for FinCOSPAR 2022 was provided by the University of Helsinki.
  • All sessions were live-streamed, no recordings available. 
  • Conference assistant(s) were available for virtual meeting technical support.
  • Presentation materials were in at least in one of the following file formats: *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, or *.mp4 files.

The organizing committee

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Minna Palmroth
  • Markku Alho
  • Monika Szelag
  • Kirsti Kauristie

Virtual Organizing Committee

  • Kirsti Kauristie (FMI)
  • Elena Marshalko
  • Theresa Hoppe
  • Markku Alho
  • Harri Haukka

Earlier FinCOSPAR meetings

Earlier FinCOSPAR meetings and more information about Finnish National Committee on Space Research in http://www.cospar.fi/.