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Thesis: Understanding of snow microstructure benefits the interpretation of remote sensing observations

Leena Leppänen defended her doctoral thesis dealing with the characterization of snow microstructure in order to improve snow water equivalent retrieval from microwave remote sensing observations. Leena Leppänen found that definitions, measurements methods and physical snow models for snow microstructure need improving. Improved microwave emission models would benefit snow water equivalent retrievals from remote sensing […]

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Microwave transmissivity of frozen trees has a significant effect to interpreting satellite observations

Space and Earth Observation Centre (FMI-SPACE) scientists Leena Leppänen, Juho Vehviläinen, Anna Kontu, Juha Lemmetyinen and Jouni Pulliainen together with Richard Kelly and Qinghuan Li from the University of Waterloo, Canada, found how to enable the improvement of interpreting microwave satellite observations. Microwave transmissivity of frozen trees changes with temperature hampering the interpretation. The results […]

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New software tool to investigate the Martian climate

Analysis of the Martian atmosphere was made possible by the development of a new software tool. The tool efficiently manages the comparison of a 1D atmospheric model to the huge amount of data from remote sensing observations made by the spacecraft orbiting Mars. FMI-SPACE and University of Helsinki scientists introduce a new application software that […]

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FMI-SPACE snow research articles published in a special issue

The special issue of the Geophysica-journal contains information on the Finnish snow expertise the whole society benefits from. In unpopulated areas, for example, automated continuous snow observations are important for weather prediction, climate modelling and interpretation of remote sensing observations. FMI-SPACE researchers Leena Leppänen, Anna Kontu and Jouni Pulliainen have compared the manual and automated […]

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Improved information on melting snow cover in late spring

New investigation provides improved information on snow cover reflectance under the spring melt. The results enable better satellite data-based snow melt monitoring. This assists e.g. hydropower production, flood prevention and meteorology. Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) investigated the behavior of Sun light reflectance in forested and open landscape. The aim was […]

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New device enables fast observations of snow reflectivity

New device has proven to be useful in snow reflectivity measurements. It’s possible to get direct observations of snow without taking separate snow samples. Snow microstructure affects the reflectivity of infrared radiation from snow. Handheld portable QualitySpec Trek –device utilizes this principle to measure the reflectivity of snow directly from a snowpack. The device was […]

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Matias Takala defended his doctoral thesis successfully

The public debate of climate change is often concentrated on the rise of the average temperature of Earth. Lately also the diminishing glaciers and sea ice on polar regions have gained attention. Snow is an equally important phenomenon of the cryosphere that has not yet gained as much weight as it should. Research scientist Matias […]

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A new method for monitoring soil frost/thaw state using a radar satellite

A new method for monitoring soil frost/thaw state in boreal forest environments was developed. The method enables nearly daily monitoring in a 1 km spatial resolution. The study investigated how the European Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar satellite can be used for the estimation of soil frost/thaw (F/T) state in the boreal forest zone. The method […]

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Improved uncertainty characterization for satellite-based mapping of Earth’s snow cover

A recent study of the FMI and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) introduced an approach to characterize uncertainty in the mapping of snow extent from optical satellite images. The implementation of the developed method can enhance flood prevention and the optimization of hydro-power production. A typical bottleneck in the utilization of the satellite-based information is […]

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Solution to light scattering by absorbing particles revealed that ice crystals are more reflecting in the near infrared

Light propagation in absorbing particles has been calculated incorrectly for decades, a new FMI-SPACE –led study finds. The researchers derived a ray-tracing solution for scattering by absorbing particles. With this, they discovered that ice crystals reflect more near-infrared radiation than previously estimated. The result has direct applications in atmospheric remote sensing. Atmospheric particles scatter radiation […]

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