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Otto Lamminpää: JPL Postdoctoral Program and life in California

Research scientist Otto Lamminpää’s recent doctoral dissertation research on atmospheric remote sensing of greenhouse gases led to a postdoctoral position at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Read his interview here below: In his dissertation, while still working at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Otto Lamminpää developed and implemented rigorous, robust and computationally efficient means of […]

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Doctoral dissertation: Near real time 3D imaging of the ionosphere

In his dissertation, Johannes Norberg, a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, developed a computationally efficient method for imaging the Earth’s ionosphere. The ionosphere is the partly ionised region of the Earth’s atmosphere. It starts at an altitude of about 60 kilometers and reaches up to 1,000 kilometers. It has a significant effect for HF […]

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Snow samplers were compared to define instrumental bias

Nine different snow water equivalent (SWE) measurement devices we compared in a field campaign organized at the Arctic Space Centre in Sodankylä. Comparison of the different instruments suggests an uncertainty level of around 10 percent. SWE is an important parameter for flood forecasting and water management. Traditionally, different devices based on weighing a snow sample […]

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Doctoral dissertation research led to a new satellite-based flood mapping product

In his dissertation, Juval Cohen, a research scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, studied the effect of forest canopy on satellite observations in the northern boreal forest region. Based on the results of the thesis, a first operational satellite-based flood mapping product used at the Finnish Flood Center was developed. The product can detect floods […]

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Snow is more important than storms in controlling thermodynamic sea ice growth in the Arctic

Sea ice growth is mainly controlled by the amount of snow on sea ice. This was found out in a study investigating the role of snow and storms in slowing down the Arctic sea ice growth in winter. In recent decades Arctic sea ice has been thinning, and it has become more vulnerable to changes […]

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New seasonal forecast service to help with estimating conditions for harvesting timber

Harvesting machines weight about 20 tons and require good bearing capacity of the terrain to avoid the machines from getting stuck and to keep from damaging the topsoil of the forest floor. Up to 80% Finish forest land have been classified for Finnish Foreste center based on analysing airborne laser scanning data for what sort […]

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Snow mass of the Planet revealed

FMI-SPACE researchers, together with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), made a major step in climate research by giving the first reliable estimate on the Northern Hemisphere snow mass. The article “Patterns and trends of Northern Hemisphere snow mass from 1980 to 2018” was published in the most highly ranked scientific journal Nature 21 May […]

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Data record on the reflectance of snow and snow-free ground published

The measurement data collected by FMI-SPACE and the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) on the reflectance of snow and snow-free ground in the northern coniferous forest zone is now available to the public in Zenodo-database. The measurements represent a typical polar-orbiting satellite observation event in the spring season. The measurement data concerns factors that affect the […]

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Major review published on the feasibility of EO in boreal and arctic regions

FMI-SPACE participated a major review article that summarizes the feasibility of Earth Observation to analyze the changes in boreal and arctic regions of the Planet, including the processes of atmosphere, hydrosphere and terrestrial areas. The investigation analyses what are the drivers of arctic-boreal system components, and how Earth Observation can be utilized to monitor these […]

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Transformation of space operations is a megatrend that influences the future and offers business opportunities

A Space Situation Centre should be set up in Finland to ensure that the public authorities have the information they need for making decisions. To make full use of space operations, Finland should have a permanent and consistent national budget for these. These are the conclusions of the final report of a project that studied […]

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