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Rosetta Ion Composition Analyser (ICA)

Rosett / RPC / ICA
Position of the Ion Composition Analyser (ICA) on board ESA's spacecraft Rosetta. Credit ESA / IRF-Kiruna, Sweden
ICA control electronics (test model), credit: FMI

One of the Rosetta Plasma Consortium's instruments is the Ion Composition Analyser (ICA), provided by the Kiruna branch of the Swedisch Space Research Institute. The control electronics of the instrument was provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute which also participates in the analysis of the expected data.


ICA measures the distribution function of positive ions, resolving the 3-D velocity distribution of cometary and solar wind ions with a mass resolution high enough to resolve the major species such as protons, helium, oxygen, molecular ions and heavy ion clusters (dusty plasma).