Arctic Space Centre and Sodankylä Space Campus

3D business sparring and development for SME-companies in Lapland

Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Arctic Space Centre (FMI-ARC) coordinated a 3D printing project aiming at familiarizing business partners to 3D printing best practices and opportunities.

The main objective was to increase awareness, knowledge and, above all, business in the field of 3D printing in SME-companies in Lapland. The main focus of the project was a realization of the 3D printing business opportunities, the application of 3D technology and promoting the competitiveness of the companies.

In practice the goal was to find out whether the participating companies can benefit from 3D printing in their own business. The work was tailored by each company’s needs. The purpose of this process was to concretize 3D technology opportunities and encourage their own 3D printing activities.

As a result of the project almost all companies participating to the project have found 3D printing to have significant benefit to their operations. The knowledge of 3D printing has increased and lead to exploitation and deployment of 3D printing to support the businesses. Some companies have used 3D printing services from FMI also outside of the project in order to improve their business.

The Regional Council of Lapland granted funding for the project under the EU’s “Sustainable Growth and Work 2014-2020” Structural Fund programme. The project was implemented between April 2016 and June 2018. The 3D printing lab in Sodankylä is available to FMI’s own use, partners and companies also after the project.

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