Arctic Space Centre and Sodankylä Space Campus

Beijing Normal University visited the Arctic Space Centre

Finnish Meteorological Institute and Beijing Normal University  organized the second annual training school at the Arctic Space Centre in Sodankylä on 13-16 November 2018.

A group of 16 students and their supervisors from Beijing Normal University (BNU) led by professor Fengming Hui participated the second training school on cryospheric topics held at the Arctic Space Centre, Sodankylä.

The main objective was to study and learn field measurement methods, both in theory and practice, of the cryosphere. Lectures had topics related to snow measurements, remote sensing of snow and atmospheric observations given by several people from FMI and University of Oulu. The BNU students also presented their work related to sea ice, glacier and atmospheric topics in two public seminars.

At the end of the week the inauguration of Joint Centre for Field Observations and Knowledge Disseminations in the Arctic and Boreal Environment  took place. The joint centre aims to enhance the scientific co-operation between FMI and BNU.

Prior to BNU’s visit to Sodankylä, the group visited FMI headquarters in Helsinki on 12th November.

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