Helping Chile to utilize the Copernicus EO program

AL-Invest 5.0 Panelists

How can Copernicus program help Chile?

Agro-food and tourism companies in Chile are mainly micro to small  enterprices, but eager to improve their environmental footprint. They will need help from web-service developer SMEs to utilize Copernicus to its best abilities. EuroChile a local Copernicus relay invited Mikko Strahlendorff to help Chilenians to understand the EU program better and get examples how to utilize the many data  sets Copernicus offers. Some directions for future engagement were identified:

  • For tourism::enrich operators web presence with updating Copernicus data
  • For Agro-food: demonstrate the clean environment 
  • For farming: producer cooperatives or municipalities could buy precision farming support for a certain area
  • >> Hackathon to both find new entrepreneurs and new apps for Chile
AL-Invest 5.0 Copernicus presentation

Mikko Strahlendorff presents Copernicus system

Another issue was raised then other FMI experts were helping investigating the reasons for the extreme Quintero air quality incidents from recent months. FMI and SYKE have been preparing a pland for a reference laboratory for air, water and soil sample analysis to help improve Chile in environmental quality. FMI is hoping this to lead to further actions:

  • a mission to Chile to improve air quality apps in use of Copernicus atmosphere service and in-situ data for improved alerting of the population
  • further preparing a reference lab for air, water and land samples

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