Johanna Tamminen joins the ESA Advisory Committee for Earth Observation

Research professor Johanna Tamminen from FMI-SPACE has been selected to the ESA ACEO – the Advisory Committee for Earth Observation – for a two-year period.

ACEO is the senior advisory body on all matters concerning Earth Sciences included in ESA’s Earth observation science programme. The committee of 14 members counsels ESA Earth Science programmes based on the views and needs of the European scientific community. ACEO is expected to make recommendations on the Earth Observation Science Strategy in Europe, including future Earth observation missions, the exploitation of the Space 4.0 potentialand the enhancement of the societal impact of the missions.   

“I am deeply honored for the invitation to join this influential committee”, prof. Tamminen says. “I look forward to every opportunity to best use my knowledge and experience for the benefit of ESA and all its member countries.”

One of ACEO’s following tasks this year will be to provide recommendations for the selection of the next Earth Explorer satellite. The finalist missions are the outgoing-infrared measuring FORUM and surface kinematics monitoring SKIM.

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