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FMI-SPACE division days in Sodankylä

The personnel of FMI-SPACE gathered at the Arctic Space Centre for two days to learn about the versatile FMI activities in Sodankylä. Surface and atmospheric measurements combined with a variety of services and satellite data processing facilities provide vast possibilities for new applications and scientific discovery.

Around 70 people affiliated with FMI-SPACE participated the division days. Cross-group collaboration within the division emerged as an overarching theme as FMI-SPACE researchers presented new projects that require the expertise of multiple Earth Observation datasets.

Jouni Pulliainen, director of FMI-SPACE, outlined the division goals and strategy. He stressed the challenges of the changing environment: our work and skills adapt to the needs in science, business and society.

Discussions of strategic goals were completed by a tour to the measurement sites in the crispy winter air. Sodankylä Research Infrastructure PI Anna Kontu presented the recent expansion in the number of measurements and instrumentation. These are essential for quantifying the components of carbon and water cycle at high latitudes.

The Arctic Space Centre looks to the future by engaging in New Space and other business activities and applications that benefit the society. Timo Ryyppö, Head of the Sodankylä Satellite Data Centre, shared plans to enhance the operational status of satellite services. Timo Sukuvaara, Head of Observation Systems, presented ongoing projects on intelligent traffic infrastructure, research scenarios regarding 5G, and machine vision in the road weather services.

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