FMI-SPACE in YLE morning news TV-broadcast (in Finnish)

Research professor Jouni Pulliainen (left) interviewed by Totti Toivonen and Sanna Savikko

Interview of Jouni Pulliainen about Sodankylä satellite data reception and the significance of Earth Observation (start at 23 min):

Jouni Pulliainen from FMI-SPACE discussed in the morning news show of YLE (Finland’s national public broadcasting company) about the current and future applications of Earth Observation satellites. The special focus was in introducing the feasibility of polar orbiting satellites for the automatic alarming of wild fires in Finland. Additionally, the interview considered the use of Earth Observations for weather and environmental monitoring and forecasting, as well as the crucial significance space-borne observations for the global climate research.

More information:

Jouni Pulliainen, Research Professor and Director of the FMI Space and Earth Observation Centre,

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