9th National Snow Seminar on the day of Pyry

Leena Leppänen and Outi Meinander (FMI)

The 9th National Seminar on Snow on the name day of Pyry (i.e. Blizzard) was organized at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) in Kumpula, Helsinki, in collaboration with IBA-FIN-BCDUST (Black carbon in the Arctic and significance compared to dust sources) -project 1 November 2019. Pyry snow seminar is organized annually, the 10th seminar being organized next year at the end of October.

Seminar gathered together researchers interested on snow from FMI, Helsinki University, SYKE and Tampere University. The aim of the seminar was to strengthen collaboration and share information on a national level. The seminar had two keynote talks by Prof. Timo Vihma (FMI) and Doc. Ekaterina Ezhova (University of Helsinki) with topics related to the recent IPCC special report.

Seminar was organized in collaboration with IBA-FIN-DUST project and a related session “Black Carbon aerosols and cryosphere” had seven presentations with topics related to modelling, remote sensing, health aspects and projects related to black carbon. The rest of the talks along with 12 posters covered a wide selection of latest snow research topics.

More Information:

Leena Leppänen,, FMI-SPACE Arctic Space Centre

Outi Meinander, Finnish Meteorological Institute

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