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Space weather advisories are now available from the FMI Civil Aviation Weather Service


Information about current space weather advisories are available from the Civil Aviation Weather Service by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

According to ICAO regulations space weather advisories shall be issued only when very strong space weather events occur. As we are currently living the years of solar minimum, there has not yet been any need to send real advisories since Nov 7 2019, when the centers started their official operations. However, several test advisories have been sent during recent months in order to test the dissemination channels in the ICAO framework.

Besides PECASUS the two other services providing advisories are the Space Weather Prediction Center of NOAA ( and the ACFJ ( consortium formed by Australia, Canada, France and Japan.

The three centers are doing space weather monitoring in two week shifts with one of the centers serving as the On Duty Center (ODC) and the others as Primary and Secondary backup-centers.

Check Space Weather Advisory Situation from here 


The countries forming the PECASUS consortium are Finland (Lead), Belgium, UK, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Cyprus and South Africa.

PECASUS provide civil aviation with information on space weather that has the potential to affect communications, navigation and the health of passengers and crew. The consortium was audited in February 2018 by space weather and operational management experts, nominated by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

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Chief Operational Officer: Kari Österberg,
Science Officer: Kirsti Kauristie, Kirsti

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