FMI-SPACE research highlights in 2020 European Polar Science Week

FMI-SPACE research was highlighted in the 2020 European Polar Science Week. The virtual event took place in 26-30 October 2020.

FMI-SPACE research included the introduction of activities related to ESA Polar Science Cluster and ESA-NASA Arctic Methane and Permafrost Challenge including the ongoing ESA MethEO project for the assessment of polar methane emissions. Additionally, the work of FMI-SPACE for the assessment and monitoring of hemispheric snow mass through the GlobSnow approach was presented.

Watch replays here:

ESA polar science cluster:

More information

Jouni Pulliainen, Director of FMI-SPACE,

Johanna Tamminen, Head of Earth Observation Research Unit,

Kari Luojus, Head of Satellite Services and Research Group,

Hannakaisa Lindqvist, Head of Greenhouse Gases and Satellite Methods Group,

Kimmo Rautiainen, MethEO project manager, Senior Research Scientist,

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