New AC SAF WWW site released

Image of the AC sAF WWW site

The whole AC SAF (EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Atmospheric Composition Monitoring) WWW site has been updated ( The visual outlook as well as the code has been modernized and the whole site is now scalable and thus, it can be viewed also with cell phones, tablets and big screens.

AC SAF is a dedicated centre of excellence for processing satellite data and form an integral part of the distributed EUMETSAT Application Ground Segment. FMI is the leading entity for this project. The AC SAF (earlier as O3M SAF) was founded in 1997 and since that, the project has been responsible on GOME-2 atmospheric products (trace gases, aerosols and UV radiation) on behalf of EUMETSAT. AC SAF develop and disseminate also IASI atmospheric chemistry products and in future, will develop and disseminate products based on IASI-NG, IRS, Sentinel-5 and Sentinel-4 instruments.

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