New ISES RWC Finland website released

ISES named FMI the Regional Warning Center (RWC) in Finland.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) recently joined the International Space Environment Service (ISES). ISES is a collaborative network of space weather service-providing organizations around the globe, collaborating also with WMO. With our membership, ISES named FMI the Regional Warning Center (RWC) in Finland.

We have built a new website for RWC Finland, where we have compiled real-time observations and modeling results produced by the Finnish Meteorological Institute: RWC Finland – Avaruussääkeskus

The site has a revised indicator describing the activity of northern lights based on the measured rate of change of the magnetic field. This R-Index is based on the concept familiar from the old Auroras Now! service, but has been modified so that it now distinguishes between medium and high activity. The new site will gradually replace the technically obsolete Auroras Now! service.

In addition to the auroras, the Space Weather Centre’s website contains modeling results, e.g. electron concentration in the ionosphere and geomagnetically induced currents. Some products from other space weather centers are also shown there for comparison, such as the Kp index produced by GFZ. New products will continue to be added to the site.

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