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New GlobSnow dataset provides gridded daily Northern Hemisphere snow mass

GlobSnow v3.0 (GSv3) daily SWE product for 15 February 2010.

A recent publication in Scientific Data provides a detailed description of the product and the GlobSnow methodology. Access the paper full-text version here:

The GlobSnow v3.0 dataset provides a state-of-the-art estimation of the hemispheric snow mass containing daily, monthly, and monthly bias-corrected snow water equivalent (SWE) at the nominal resolution of 25 km x 25 km (EASE-Grid). The SWE data record spans from 1979 to 2018 and it gives up to date the most accurate assessment of the seasonal snow mass of the northern hemisphere non-alpine regions. The quantitative accuracy characteristics of the data record have been evaluated trough comparisons against about 300 000 independent snow course observations of SWE from North America and Eurasia. The SWE retrieval development is continuing as part of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative – Snow (Snow CCI) project:

In 2020, the GlobSnow v3.0 dataset was utilized groundbreakingly in reliable estimation of the amount of annual snow mass and changes in snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere between 1980 and 2018. During the research period snow mass remained the same in Eurasia and decreased in North America, although the extent of snow cover has decreased simultaneously in both continental regions.

The 2020 study is available on Nature’s website:

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Dr. Kari Luojus,

K. Luojus, J. Pulliainen, M. Takala, J. Lemmetyinen, C. Mortimer, C. Derksen, L. Mudryk, M. Moisander, M. Hiltunen, T. Smolander, J. Ikonen, J. Cohen, M. Salminen, J. Norberg, K. Veijola, P. Venäläinen. GlobSnow v3.0 Northern Hemisphere snow water equivalent dataset. Scientific Data, 8:163, 2021.

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