Greenhouse Gases and Remote Sensing of Atmosphere

Greenhouse gas measurements over Fennoscandia during the MAGIC 2021 campaign

Three research aircrafts participating to the MAGIC2021 campaign: SAFIRE/ATR42, DLR/Cessna-Caravan and BAS/Twin-Otter © C. Crevoisier, 2021.

A major international greenhouse gas research campaign took place from 14 to 27 August 2021 over northern Sweden, Norway and Finland. The MAGIC 2021 campaign was led by the CNRS and the French space agency CNES.  It was also supported by the German (DLR) and European (ESA, EUMETSAT) space agencies and involved 17 teams from 7 countries. Finnish Meteorological Institute was one of the participating research institutes.

The goal of the campaign was to measure flows of greenhouse gases, and in particular natural and anthropogenic methane emissions. The campaign also contributed to the validation of satellite borne measurements by the Sentinel-5P (ESA), OCO-2 (NASA), GOSAT (JAXA) and by the CNES’s IASI instrument on board MetOp satellites (ESA-EUMETSAT).

Three research aircrafts were participating to the campaign: SAFIRE ATR42, DLR Cessna and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Twin Otter. Campaign activities in Kiruna Sweden included CNES KLIMAT2021 annual stratospheric balloon campaign. AirCore and ground based FTS observations were made over Sweden and Finland.

Finnish Meteorological Institute contributed with coordinated AirCore flights and FTS measurements. At Sodankylä measurements were taken by a Fourier Transform Spectrometer participating in the Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON).

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Senior Research Scientist Dr. Rigel Kivi, Finnish Meteorological Institute,

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